Blog posts from 2011

Message from Darren and Scott

It is the season for inspiration. Gratitude, wonder and awe surround us. Accordingly, we share these sentiments as we launch our new website, a little more than one year after purchasing Lûxe Home Interiors – Victoria. The dynamic Lûxe team has enjoyed a successful year by building on our strengths of excellent client service, creative design and quality furnishings. During the past year we often have watched in wonder and awe as nervous shoppers enter our showroom and transform into laughing and enthusiastic clients while engaging in the creative process with our designers. Together, through artful planning, they turn dreams into reality as they design entire homes, single rooms or just one piece of fine furniture. It truly is inspiring.

Mid-Century Design

Sleek mid-century inspired furniture pieces will feel right at home in our West Coast Contemporary homes. The classic clean lines of these designs coordinate nicely with stoday's interior finishes. Consider going with a neutral fabric on a sofa and bring in the fun with updated bold floral and geometric pattern on pillows and chairs.