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Amy Drolet


Number of years at Luxe: less than a year

Born and raised on Vancouver Island with an innate passion for all things design, at a young age Amy was dressing-up her bedroom furniture instead of her Barbies.  Amy says, “I didn’t find interior design, it found me.”

With her certification in graphic design from Victoria's Pacific Design Academy, Amy loves working at Luxe Home Interiors. Being surrounded by beauty and positivity allows Amy to be grounded in her true self while collaborating with clients as they curate the spaces of their dreams. Amy is best described as friendly, creative, passionate and ambitious. Hobbies and interests include: ceramics, graphite work, reading, health and fitness. You may be surprised to learn that she is also fascinated by true crime. (We suspect bloodstains on the sofa are a definite "no-no" for Amy.)

Traveling to Mexico for its rich culture, food and history is a favourite pastime and inspires her for future travel to Europe and Asia.  Amy says she is most thankful for “her people, education, movement, nature, expression, and the arts.

Amy’s two favourite quotes are: “Everything happens for a reason, if it's meant to be, it will be,” and “if you avoid failure, you also avoid success.”