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Elaine Balkwill


Number of years at Luxe: 22 3/4 years

With over 22 years at Luxe Home Interiors Elaine continues to be inspired and energized by her career, due to the ever changing nature of furniture design and the joy she finds in meeting new people each day.   Elaine is an expert at creating beautiful and functional spaces that fit the unique needs and tastes of each client.  With a design sense that  is influenced by her travels, reading and fashion, Elaine is a natural at seeing the big picture.   She thoughtfully merchandises and curates our everchanging showroom blending a variety of colours, styles and textures that has made Luxe the most attractive  furniture showroom in the city.  In regards to our move to Yates Street she says, “I feel like Luxe has found its home and is ready to show its full personality and potential.”

Born in Victoria with a creative mind, loyal and assertive personality, she has found her niche in design and fashion.  Elaine is bi-lingual with English as her first language and Italian swear words as her second.  Naturally, a good Bolognese and pasta are therefore her favourite foods.  You may be surprised to know that Elaine’s secret desire was to become an ice dancer and that she loves getting muddy and crawling under barbed wire during outdoor obstacle course races.  Don’t be fooled, she is fierce!  Her hobbies and interests include fitness, camping and all things design.

Elaine’s favourite movies are: Serendipity , Good Will Hunting and Some Like it Hot.  Each day Elaine is thankful for music, morning coffee and her many families, which include her immediate family, her Luxe fam and her fit fam.

Favourite Quote?  "How you doin’?" ( channeling the Joey Tribbiani character from Friends)  We definitely sense a need for Elaine to travel to Italy.