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2021 Interior Design Trends You’ll Love

We all want 2021 to be different from 2020. This year started a little rocky, but now it’s full of light and hope once more for a few reasons. There’s a lot of change happening right now, and interior decor and interior design trends are no exception. 

These are the top five 2021 trends we’ve noticed so far that will only get bigger.

1. Curvy Furniture

Source: CR Laine

Exciting shapes and curved furniture are all the rage. Round coffee tables, curved sofas, and oval dining tables add an element of intrigue to any space. Architecture isn’t the only realm where we can have fun with geometry and angles. Home furnishings are starting to push the envelope as well, and we love it!

2. Natural Materials

Source: Four Hands

We’re seeing a rattan revival, a surge in seagrass, and excitement for earthenwares. We aren’t just talking about decorative items, either. We love some of the stone kitchen tables and the rattan light fixtures and storage solutions we’ve seen. Have you noticed more natural materials lately? Expect this trend to continue — especially in communities like Victoria and Vancouver Island where working with mother nature is celebrated.

3. Comfy Lounge Spaces

Source: Bernhardt

Having a little lounge nook is a must. These cozy spaces are perfect for enjoying a good book or having a cup of tea with one or two people in your bubble. COVID-19 has made us all appreciate every little corner of our homes. Interior design trends have shifted from large open-concept entertaining spaces to creating inviting lounge spaces — many of these cozy spots double as little at-home libraries or offices. 

4. Cottage-Inspired Decor

Source: Four Hands

Seeing as many of us are staying home for various holidays again this year, it only makes sense that there’s been a surge in cottage-inspired decor. Embracing this interior design trend is the perfect way to celebrate your home. Turn your home into an oasis, and create a cabin-like vibe to make it feel like a vacation from the real world. 

5. Yellow & Gray

Source: Four Hands

The year’s Pantone colours are yellow and gray, which means we’re seeing this dynamic combo everywhere. The great thing about yellow and gray is that they create the perfect backdrop for natural materials, and it screams cottage-inspired palette. 

Have you noticed any other interior decor trends this year? Maybe we missed one that you’ve fallen in love with! Let us know what design trends you’re excited about right now. 

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