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2022 Colour Trends to Keep Your Eyes On

With every new year comes new colour trends. 2022 colour trends are leaning towards rich nature-inspired hues and shades. These colours will pair with the feelings and hopes for the new year ahead. 

Here are some of the interior design colour trends predicted for 2022:

Nature-inspired greens

Soothing forest colours will find their way onto walls and into furniture fabrics this year. In fact, gentle greens are the most prominent colour trend expected in 2022. 

Behr’s colour of the year is a breezy cool green called Breezeway. Sherwin-Williams has chosen a subtle mid-tone green with an undertone of gray called evergreen fog. Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year is a soft green called October Mist. All these greens have a peaceful and organic feel to them that makes us believe that the trend for 2022 is going to be “inspired by nature.” If homes start looking like a day at the spa, we won’t complain.

2022 Colour Trends
Source: Benjamin Moore

Soothing blues

The Aleutian blue, chosen by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams, reminds us of well-loved denim on warm summer nights. Dulux has named Bright Skies the colour of the year, and we’re hoping it’s nothing but bright skies ahead for 2022. 

2022 Colour Trends
Source: HGTV Homes

Earthy browns

Although browns may not be stealing this year’s show, they’re always a fantastic choice in a home. We’re pleased to see that Dunn-Edwards has unveiled a stunning deep brown called Art and Craft that screams sophistication while remaining muted and grounded to the earth. 

2022 Colour Trends
Source: Dunn-Edwards

Vibrant pinks & yellows

Pantone has yet to release their colour of the year; however, their 2022 NYFW colour palette is full of vibrant and playful shades of pink and yellow. Farrow & Ball have a lineup of five colours for the upcoming year, and among them is a sumptuous yellow called babouche. This unexpected pop of colour is just what we all need after two summers in a row of social distancing.

2022 Colour Trends
Source: Farrow & Ball

We don’t think we’re going to see everyone’s living room suddenly displaying Innuendo by Pantone on all four walls. We do expect to see nature-inspired colours in every shade and intensity taking over interior design publications and homes. We’re not the only ones that think this, either. Instead of choosing just one colour for the year, Valspar has unveiled an entire colour line reminiscent of the outdoors.

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