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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Custom Furniture

Mistakes are just a part of life. We learn from them, and we move forward more aware and knowledgeable. However, when you make a mistake when ordering custom furniture, that mistake lives in your home for years, or it costs you a lot to fix.

Here are some of the top mistakes that get made when you order custom furniture. Hopefully, knowing these custom furniture mistakes will help you avoid them.

1. Getting the measurements wrong

Measurement is a significant consideration when ordering custom furniture. You need to be sure you’ve measured the space correctly for a variety of reasons.

  • Can you fit the furniture in your home? Make sure you measure entryways and hallways so that you can get your custom furniture into your home.
  • Does it fit in the space correctly? Nothing’s worse than ordering the perfect custom sectional, only to find out it’s the wrong length and sticks out awkwardly into the dining area of an open-concept home. 

Be sure to triple-check all measurements on all custom furniture.

2. Not checking fabric samples in person

There’s no way to pick a fabric from a photo. When designing custom furniture, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is choosing material based on the colours in a picture. Not only is it essential to see fabric samples for colour, but it’s also crucial for comfort and lifestyle choices. Some fabrics will be more durable, making them perfect for a family home or a home with younger pets. There’s no way to be 100% sure that a fabric will work with your colour scheme, textile preferences, and needs without touching it and holding it up in the light.  

3. Not taking any risks

You’re designing furniture for YOU. One of the biggest mistakes we see is homeowners playing it safe when designing custom furniture. Custom design is your time to tick all of your boxes. You’re not buying a pre-built sofa or kitchen table, so make it your own. Make those special requests and choose the fabrics and patterns you love rather than the ones that “most people” would choose. 

4. Not considering the other furniture and decor you already have.

Do you already have an area rug? Perhaps you have a perfect lamp or your favourite end tables. These are all things that must be considered when designing custom furniture. The colour and shape of your pre-existing fixtures and furniture will impact the choices you make when creating a custom piece. If you have a loud, patterned round area rug, you need to consider the size of the custom sofa you’re creating and the fabric pattern and texture.

5. Not asking for advice from a professional

Ultimately, most mistakes in life happen when we don’t listen to the advice of our parents, teachers, and experts. They’ve probably already made these mistakes and learned from them. The easiest way to avoid them when designing custom furniture is to ask an expert for help. 

Our team of interior design experts at LUXE is here to help you avoid these mistakes and ask the right questions. Get in touch with us today.