5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Custom-Made Furniture

Choosing furniture for your home can be exhausting as much as it can be fun and exciting. Decorating and designing a home is a lot of fun until you can’t find the right furniture. This is where custom furniture comes in.

Custom furniture makes it possible for you to find the exact colour, design, materials and size for your specific tastes, needs, and home. Customization can feel like the ideal solution. However, before you start custom designing every item in your home, you need to ask yourself 5 questions.

1. How timeless is the design?

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The big thing to consider when it comes to customizing your furniture is longevity. Chances are this item is going to be quality made as low-end furnishings often don’t offer custom options. Quality and custom furniture mean a longer lifespan. As we all know, styles change over time. If you’re designing custom furniture, don’t seek out inspiration from a fad. This will mean that even after 10 years, your custom sofa will still look new and chic rather than dated and out of place. Instead, look towards timeless designs and decor for inspiration.

2. How much use will it see?

The big draw for custom furniture is that you can decide on the colour and material. When deciding on materials, construction, and colours, it’s essential to consider how you use the custom piece. If you have children and dogs, picking a delicate fabric in a light colour palette could spell disaster shortly after arrival. Consider the intended use of the furniture and how frequently it will be used. If you entertain a lot, make sure your furniture can withstand the attention.

3. Will it move in its lifetime?

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A significant factor in the wear and tear of furniture is how frequently you move. Moving from one home to another is taxing on large items such as sofas, beds, and tables. If you are in a smaller space and know you’re going to upgrade in a year or two, the furniture you custom design may be too small for your new home and look out of place. This is especially true in the case of a downsize.

4. How does the colour, finish, material and design work with the overall home decor?

The big bonus to custom designing furniture is just that, the customizable aspect. If you know your design style and have chosen a colour palette yet cannot find the right furniture to pull the look together, custom design is the solution to all of your problems. Custom-designed furniture allows you to cherry-pick the colour, fabric, materials and style of your furniture so that you never have to compromise on your design dreams.

5. Is custom the best option?

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Deciding whether to custom design your furniture or keep shopping comes down to 3 key factors:

  • Time
  • Lifestyle
  • Budget

Custom design takes time. Do you have the time and the patience necessary to work with a designer to create the perfect item and then wait for it to be made and sent out to you? If you do, that’s wonderful, and you know you’ll be 100% happy when it is in its forever home.

Ask yourself what your lifestyle looks like. Are you super busy all the time with work, family, travel, etc.? Make sure you consider this when designing custom furniture. Some fabrics and materials take far more maintenance than others and will require more of your time. If you’re already overwhelmed with a demanding lifestyle, a high-maintenance fabric could end up neglected.

The final major factor to consider before choosing custom furniture design is your budget. Custom-made furniture is more pricy than finding something in a showroom. That being said, we believe it’s worth the extra cost. We offer complimentary design to make custom designing your dream furniture more accessible. We know you’ll be ecstatic when you see the final product.

Come into the showroom today to get inspired and start visualizing a sofa you see in a different colour or material that will better suit your needs.