seasonal home decor

5 Tips to Bring the Festive Season Into Your Home

When it comes to decorating for a new season, one season stands above the rest: the holiday season. This time of year generally involves taking your seasonal decor to a whole new level. With all the extra time at home this year, many will end up looking like design magazines. Here are our top tips for creating stunning holiday home decor. 

1. Tidy Up First!

The best way to get ready for a new season is to get rid of any home decor from the previous season. Now’s a great time to give everything a deep clean to prepare for your home’s new look. Start by rearranging furniture and art to give your home a fresh new look. By taking the time to tidy up first, it’s easier to plan how you want to decorate your home for the holidays around what’s left. This way, you can decide where the decorations you already own will go and what new items you may need to purchase to create the dream holiday look and feel.

2. Consider Your Pre-Existing Colour Palette

Look for decorations and colours that work with your pre-existing colour palette. Sometimes, when you have a soothing blue living room and then add rich green, red, and gold decor, it can feel awkward and forced. Instead, consider decorating with a white and blue combination for a beautiful snowy winter look. It can look a lot more purposeful and stylish to decorate with unconventional holiday colours if it works better with your home decor.

3. Look for Pieces That Can Be Multi-Use 

When buying luxury furnishings for your home, consider elements that you can use for various purposes. Flexible furnishings make it much simpler to decorate your home for each season while avoiding the hassle of packing away large items because they clash with the seasonal vibe. Coffee tables with natural elements, such as stone and wood, are a great way to add warmth and showcase seasonal touches. If you have art that’s more suited to spring, consider swapping it out for art in another area of your home that reflects your winter decor. 

4. Lighting Is Key

The holiday season is all about glittering lights. From candles to seasonal lights on the homes of your street, this season is all about the sparkle. Create that warm and inviting glow with some metallic pieces and decor or with the right lighting fixtures. Opt for warm light bulbs in your lamps and install dimmers where possible for various lighting effects. 

5. Decorate with Intention

Before getting in there and covering your mantle in fir boughs, make a plan for the space. If you want your home decor and interior design to be successful, you should plan before starting. Otherwise, you could end up with three different colour palettes and conflicting interior design styles. If you’re unsure how to create the perfect holiday space or feel like there is a piece of furniture missing to produce that warm and inviting feeling, get in touch with us today. Our team of design experts can help give advice or find the perfect look to turn your home into a holiday miracle.