5 Tips for a Happy Home

Our homes are an extension of who we are.  Therefore, the aesthetic and functional choices we make within our four walls shapes our mood and influences our outlook on life.











Surround yourself with the things you love - It’s time for Spring cleaning.  Wander through your home to take stock of everything you own and ask yourself one important question - Does this object bring joy into my life?   If the answer is yes – keep it.  If the answer is no – strongly consider getting rid of it or replace it with something you really love.  Or better yet, replace it with something you love from Luxe Home Interiors (shameless, aren’t we?!)






















Let the light in – Open up the curtains and blinds, or remove them entirely if privacy is not issue.  Use light paint colours or large mirrors to reflect light throughout your space.




















Select upbeat colours – when choosing paint colours, shopping for new toss pillows or accessories pick colours that you make you feel happy, energized or calm.  Yellow is said to evoke feelings of friendliness and happiness, blue is supposed to be serene and inviting, and green represents feelings of calmness and stability from nature.













Create good flow – Allow ample room to move around your home.  Clutter and crammed spaces can easily create irritation.  Resolving this can be as easy as getting rid of the things you don’t love (tip #1), moving furniture to a new place, or selecting sizes and shapes of furniture that better suit your space.  Our designers, at Luxe, are always happy to help.   



Be Thankful – It is not possible to be happy all of the time.   However, when we stop and consider all of our daily gifts it promotes optimism and encourages a more positive outlook.