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564 Yates Street Victoria: The New Home of Luxe Home Interiors

You may have heard by now that Luxe is moving to an exciting new location this year. Our new home will be at 564 Yates Street in Downtown Victoria, bringing Luxe into historic Victoria’s heart and across from the Yates Street parkade. This means that Luxe guests will still enjoy convenient parking nearby and the first hour free in this parkade. 

To prepare for our new move, we wanted to share a little about the new location and what we expect to see in the future.

The Past

Source: City of Victoria Archives

564 Yates Street has a rich history full of change and reinvention. The building is believed to have started as Nathaniel Moore’s Dry Goods Store in 1860. From here, it experienced a radical renovation, becoming the Majestic Theatre in 1909. After its time as a theatre, this building acted as the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union location and a kitchen and store equipment business. More recently, the space was the home of Hughes Clothing.

We think it’s fitting that this beautiful piece of Victoria History is once again being reinvented as the new home of Luxe Home Interiors. The facade has changed many times over the years, but its bones and structure remain relatively unchanged.

The Present

Source: City of Victoria Archives

It’s the beautiful heritage features that remain in this building that we love so much.   The front facade, the exposed brick walls, and the tall ceilings all create a feeling of stepping into the past.

“We’re not going to change the bones of the building because we want to maintain the character status on the street. Our plan is to simply update the look of the interior to make it match our brand. The fun part about that is this is something our team does all of the time. We work with clients to bring our furniture into a variety of different homes to create looks that work for anything from a heritage home to a brand new penthouse.” 


Another significant aspect of this space is all the natural light. The top floor is slightly shorter than the ground floor, meaning there are skylights on both floors. 

The Future

One thing to expect from us at our new location is a renewed focus on local. We have always prided ourselves on carrying quality Canadian brands. Our goal is to support even more local businesses while offering good quality products made in BC or on the island. 

“We expect to have much more walk-by traffic in this new location – from local downtown residents to tourists visiting our beautiful city. In anticipation, we want to offer smaller quality home accessories and elegant locally made gift items – something that tells an island story.”

– Scott

We don’t yet know what the future holds for Luxe, but this new space is the start of an exhilarating new adventure.

“We’re very excited. We’re looking forward to the new energy that comes with being in the downtown core and connecting with the community.”

– Scott

Look for us at our new showroom location at 564 Yates Street Victoria across from the Yates Street Parkade in May 2021. We can’t wait to show off this beautiful new two-storey space to you. Until then, make sure you come into our current location and check out all of the clearance items we’re offering in preparation for the move.