Add Accessories to Put a Stylish Finish to Your Home

In any home, accessories can make or break a space to make it feel like your own. The incredible thing about accessories is that they’re easy to play with and change, unlike large furniture pieces or wall colours. 

If you want to take your home to the next level, bring some essential accessories into the room to complete any interior design look. 

Here are our five top tips on decorating with accessories. 

Source: CR Laine website

Seek Out Quality Instead of Quantity

Having a lot of accessories will only end up looking crowded and overwhelming. The trick to good accessorizing is to look for high-quality pieces that complement each other, create a mood in the space, and maybe even serve a functional purpose, such as lighting

Think of Scale & Bunching

When it comes to accessories, consider the scale of the room and the other items in it. When you end up having a large number of small decorative items you could fit in your palm, your room will only look cluttered. Consider a variety of sizes and how they relate to each other. 

Another great interior design tip to remember is the power of odd numbers. The eye is more drawn to odd numbers, and they seem to work better than placing things in even numbers — unless you’re doing it intentionally, such as two pillar candles to frame a painting above a mantle. 

Play With Colour, Texture, & Layers

Playing with colour, texture, and layers in interior design is where things start to get fun — and a little confusing. Playing with pattern and colour in larger furniture items, like accent chairs, can be a big commitment, but playing with colour, pattern, shape, and texture with accessories can be more approachable. 

Consider Functionality & Emotion

Accessories don’t need to be just for aesthetic appeal. In fact, it’s much better is they serve a purpose. Ask yourself if the accessories you’re choosing serve a practical or emotional goal. Do they make you happy or calm you down? Are they practical or useful? 

A decorative tray on a plush ottoman can look stylish while acting as a flat surface for a cup of tea. An area rug can look great, pull all of the colours in a space together, and provide warmth and noise reduction.

Bring in a Natural Element

Source: DecoreRest instagram

Mother Nature is the ultimate interior decor accessory expert. Using plants as decorative accessories in a home is a fantastic way to brighten any space, create a calming atmosphere, and help clean your home’s air.

Ready to Start Decorating?

Now that your brain is swirling with ideas of pairing brass candle holders with wicker baskets full of plants, it’s time to start looking at accessories that will work in your home and with your design style.

Our design experts can help. Come into the showroom, see the high-quality accessories we have, and let our team help you play around with complimentary looks to create the home you’ve always wanted.