Brio by Natuzzi Italia

Bring the White Party to your Home

Creating a bright, elegant and timeless space can be easily done with one colour – white.  Read our tips on how to easily beautify and brighten your home.

Decorating with bright, fresh white adds light and sophistication to any space.  White evokes feelings of cleanliness, confidence and happiness. Timeless white is always in style.

Photo above: Brio Sofa by Natuzzi Italia


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Photo above: Newport Curved Sectional by Rene Cazares

Big bold furniture looks stunning in white.   Large pieces of furniture needed to accommodate a sizeable family can often overpower a space, however when covered in white the furniture reflects a brightness that easily blends into the room. The Newport Curved Sectional is a great example of being able to play with lines and shapes in white.


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Photo above: Note Writing Desk by Trica Furniture

While white can be perfect for large pieces, bright white side tables, coffee tables, and other accent pieces also enhance that fresh and airy feel in your home.  Don’t shy away from mixing too many white pieces throughout your  space either. This can help to create a cohesiveness and allows the eye to follow the fresh, bright colour.


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Photo above: Junction Dining Table by Timothy Oulton

White can be a great way to add an exciting new feel to your space and looks beautifully ageless during any season.   Our experienced and talented designers at Luxe Home Interiors are always here to answer questions and help.