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Choosing Between a Sofa & a Sectional

The living room: a place where most people will do a lot of their, well, living at home. And in a space you’re likely to spend the majority of your time, it’s essential to have comfortable, functional seating. But with so many options available, it’s tough to choose the best seating. To keep things simple, we’ve covered two of the main categories most people feel torn between: sofas and sectionals. What’s the difference, and which is right for you?


Purpose of the Room



If you’re looking for cozy seating in a family room, a sectional can be an excellent choice. Sectionals tend to be perfect for this kind of activity. Their larger size means that many people can fit comfortably on them, facing roughly the same direction — an ideal choice for family movie night.


Alternatively, sofas are fantastic for those who like to entertain. A sofa generally allows for a bit more flexibility in interior design. Compared to the size of a sectional, a sofa’s smaller size allows for a few independent chairs to be placed alongside it, meaning guests can face each other. For those looking to do more entertaining, a beautiful sofa with a few single chairs can be the perfect choice for facilitating conversation.


Size & Shape of the Space


If you’re worried that a smaller home, like a condominium, can’t accommodate a sectional — that’s not true. Some companies are starting to make condo-sized sectionals, so you can reap all the benefits without sacrificing all that floor space. That means size can become less of a concern when deciding between a sofa and a sectional.


Be sure to take both the size and shape of the room into consideration. If you need further advice, chat with a specialist at a showroom — like ours — to help you decide. Whether you decide on a sofa or sectional, if it’s too big — the whole room’s interior design will be thrown off. And you still want to be able to move around easily in your living room without having to step over people’s legs. 





One of the significant advantages of a sofa over a sectional is the ability to change your room’s layout. Moving a sofa around and mixing things up with the look of your space can be much easier. Although there may be a few different layouts you can accomplish with a sectional, a sofa can offer more flexibility when it comes to switching up the look of your living room. 




Both sofas and sectionals can offer storage solutions, but it’s more common to find this in sectionals. One thing to consider is the type of storage you need. With a sofa, you could have a side table for storing knick-knacks or other items if you still need a bit of space. 


Personal Style


Ultimately, this decision comes down to one thing: your personal taste. It’s essential to consider the purpose of your room, the size you’re working with, how often you want to be moving furniture, and how much storage you need. Your sofa should feel comfortable and be something you enjoy the aesthetic of. It won’t matter much if you pick out a sofa that fits your space, but you always wished you’d picked out a different one.


Your home design is just that: yours

There can be a lot to consider when choosing a sofa for your new living room. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed with all the options out there, come in and speak to someone in our showroom. We can help you narrow down the search and make sure you feel confident choosing one that fits your lifestyle. If you can’t find one in our showroom, we can take things one step further and design a custom sofa for your home.