Create Good Design Flow with These Interior Design Tips

When it comes to interior design, do you find yourself looking at each room separately or as part of a larger picture? When you move through your home, does it flow?  

It can be jarring when styles, feelings, and looks change drastically from room to room. You may have to pause and adjust every time you’re moving around your house.   

This doesn’t mean you can’t play with colour, style, and texture, giving each room its own identity. Our crash course in design flow will allow you to pull an entire home together without sacrificing uniqueness.  

1. Think big picture

When it comes to cohesive design flow, consider your home as one large project instead of each room as a separate entity. If you want to play with bold colours in your living room, try and bring this style into each room — even if you tone it down in a bedroom or bathroom. 

If you’re playing with animal prints in your living room, consider how you can use animal patterns in other rooms. Think a vase in muted tones or an art piece. What you want to steer clear of is having a modern living room, rustic kitchen, cabin-inspired bedroom, and vintage bathroom. 

TIP: Create a lookbook or a plan for your home before you start designing specific rooms. 

2. Sightlines

If there’s no clear flow, it can be a bit like design whiplash moving from room to room. Another critical reason for having a connection between spaces is sightlines. Sightlines are what you can see from one room to another. If you can see your bedroom from your living room, make sure the colour palette and design style work together.

3. Colours & Textiles

Source: Decor Rest Instagram

Designing your home with flow in mind means  considering your colour scheme. If you really want to play with a bright orange accent wall in the living room, think about how you can factor orange in other rooms. Ask yourself how you’re going to play with bold colours as part of your home’s design aesthetic.

Textiles and textures are an excellent way to create design flow. If you want a bright, Latin-inspired living space, try adding colourful baskets as wall decor in a bedroom or vibrantly painted dishes in your dining set to pull everything together. 

4. Finishes

The easiest way to create seamless interior design is to consider your finishes. Do your door handles match? What about baseboards and crown moulding? Consider having the same flooring through as many rooms as possible to give the illusion of a connected space instead of sectioned off areas. 

5. Ask for Help

It can be hard to create a unified design aesthetic in your home if you’ve already started with a room or two or you’ve moved into a new home with your furniture. There’s no need to take on this task alone. Ask for help to bring all these separate rooms in your house together.

At Luxe, our team of interior decor specialists have a lot of experience with interior design flow and finding practical, stylish furniture. Add to your home’s beauty with the right design flow structure by reaching out to our team. Come in and speak to us today