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How to Create the Perfect Breakfast Nook

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Too many of us are eating breakfast in a rush, standing up at the kitchen counter, sitting on the living room sofa, or driving in the car on the way to work. We think that means it’s essential to have a cozy breakfast nook to start your day off right. Convert a cozy corner in your kitchen into your dream breakfast nook and wake up smiling every day.

Try these tips to get you started:

Choose your location wisely.

Conventional breakfast nooks are close to the kitchen but separate from the cooking area. They’re often in cozy corners or bay windows within the line of sight of the food prep area. Modern homes have changed this a bit, and many homes now have an island with countertop seating that can be used as a breakfast nook. Another great idea is to place a small table close to the island and create a modern breakfast nook of your own.

No matter what you choose, a breakfast nook is close to the kitchen. You may prefer the more modern appeal of an island or bar-height seating near the countertop, or you may opt for the charm of a window seat table or cozy corner next to the kitchen. 

Source: Fourhands

Use windows to your advantage.

No matter where your breakfast nook ends up, use your windows and natural light to your advantage. Mornings can be hard, but seeing that natural light creeps in and brighten your home will help your body adjust and wake up calmly. Plus, who doesn’t love the idea of enjoying a piece of toast and a coffee seated on a bench seat under the window in a breakfast nook?

Source: Four Hands

Rounded furniture can be the perfect fit.

Breakfast nooks take advantage of otherwise unused floor space. In smaller spaces, like reading nooks and breakfast nooks, rounded furniture can help with utility and allow you to get to all sides of the table. Round furniture also has a softer esthetic to it. Round-edged tables and soft fabric chairs are the perfect way to create a calming environment and space for those early mornings.

Source: Four Hands

Choose cheery or soothing colours.

Do you know someone who wakes up on the wrong side of the bed often or just can’t function until they’ve had a cup of coffee? Bright and cheery colours can help. Choose colours that brighten your mood and make you feel energized and awake. Take inspiration from mother nature and consider the colours of mornings in the outdoors. On a Monday morning, soft yellows and natural greens will cheer up even the grumpiest school-aged child.

Source: CR Laine

Get the most out of the space by adding storage solutions. 

Breakfast nooks are often in those tiny spaces where nothing else could fit. Perhaps under a bay window or in a cozy corner of the kitchen. No matter where they are, they are the perfect palace to enjoy the morning paper as well as valuable storage space for those seldom-used items like tablecloths and turkey roasters. Breakfast nooks are the ideal dual-purpose room for dining and storage. Bench seats and buffet tables are great pieces to include in a breakfast nook to create extra storage while adding a feeling of warmth and comfort. 

Source: Dinec

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