Create The Perfect Monochromatic Space

Bernhardt at Luxe Victoria

Are you looking to create a harmonious space in your home? Look no further than a monochromatic room! This design uses varying tints and shades of the same colour to create a calm and cohesive design.

Here are our top 3 tips to achieve it:

Choose your colour

Decor Rest at Luxe Victoria

Photo Credit: Decor Rest Furniture

Any colour can work for this look such as blue, grey, purple, teal, or any other colour you resonate with. Monochromatic rooms are designed using layers composed of a variety of shades and tints of the colour you choose.

Balance your colour

CR Laine at Luxe Victoria

Photo Credit: CR Laine Furniture

Monochromatic rooms use layers of the same colour (as mentioned above), but you don’t need to cover every square inch with the one you choose. Balancing your colour with white, cream, and other neutrals can help create a backdrop. Adding pattern can also help to balance colour, but use it sparingly so your room isn’t too overwhelming!

Add texture

Huntington House at Luxe Victoria

Photo Credit: Huntington House Furniture

Sprinkle texture throughout your room to help move light around the space. You’ve added varying tones that help move the eye around the room, and texture helps balance the natural light. Wood grain and natural stone add a warm natural element in a neutral coloured monochromatic space. Leathers and fur also add great texture in bold coloured spaces as they can be dyed and come in a wide range of colours.

Are you still not sure how to achieve this harmonious look? Check out our expertly selected pieces in our showroom or ask our wonderful designers for help!