Luxe Victoria Warm Room Colours

Create A Welcoming Oasis

Turn your home into a relaxing oasis by following these simple decorating tips.

The following decorating tips will help you create an oasis of relaxation in your own home.

Use Warm Colours

It is no secret that colours have the subtle ability to evoke various emotions and moods, making this area of design particularly interesting. Cooler colours like blue, purple and dark green can visually enhance a room, while warmer tones such as peach, orange, brown and red draw in a room and make it feel more inviting.

Think Comfort

A welcoming home is not entirely about looks; it is mostly related to how furniture can enhance that sense of familiarity.

When looking for new seating, can you imagine yourself curled up in it with a good book while all your troubles melt away? If that is not the case, perhaps you should keep searching. Ideally, furniture should pay tribute to both comfort and style.

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The Magic of Touch

One of the simplest tricks for a more welcoming home is… texture. Surround yourself with things you would like to touch. Fluffy carpets, wavy wallpapers or smooth wooden furniture- all these can be easily integrated in a modern room, making it feel less rigid and perfectly comfortable. Moreover, when dealing with a large room, the proper use of fabric and texture can reduce the scale and provide the much wanted sense of coziness.

Welcome Diversity

Buying a furniture grouping with everything in it may be the easiest way of filling up a room, but it is not always the most appealing. Do not be afraid of mixing things up a little, even if this means having different styles in the same room. Diversity is the key to creating visual appeal.

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Multiple Sources of Lighting

The magical effects of lighting in a room are often overlooked. A few well-placed table lamps can easily change the look and feel of your room. In order to reduce the scale of a room or create a cozy atmosphere, consider placing several table lamps around and only use a ceiling light for larger gatherings or formal events.


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Fresh flowers, candles, toss cushions, interesting wall art, accessories, area rugs, and a few of your favorite books, give your home a warm ambiance. Rotate these items in and out as the seasons change to keep your home looking fresh and interesting.

Use the Things You Love

Your home should reflect who you are, so the things you love should take center stage.  Find a way to integrate all of those simple things that come with precious memories into your home and you will see how quickly your home takes on warmth and reflects your unique personality.