Creating More Space Through Interior Design

Interior design in urban settings can often be difficult due to a lack of space. With smaller luxury homes come more significant design challenges. How do you fit all the home furnishings you need and still make it chic and spacious? We’re happy to tell you that there is a way to maximize space, even in the smallest of condominiums. We have a few tips and tricks to help. 


Many people still live in urban centres, and that means home sizes are smaller — as is the nature of cities. Just because your home is more modest doesn’t mean your style has to shrink. Designing for a smaller space can still be full of luxury if you know how to maximize space through design. 


Use the Walls


Limited square footage means getting more creative with your interior design, and an area many people forget to utilize is their walls. A wall desk is an excellent way to have a work station that can fold up when it isn’t in use. Installing storage shelves above doors is a great way to increase storage while keeping things out of sight. 


Get Creative with Storage



If you’ve used the walls for displaying art, and you need to find storage solutions that don’t impact your home gallery, consider creative solutions. Why not look for a sectional sofa with storage built-in? Or a bed with drawers underneath? 


There are many essential items in your home that could quickly act as valuable storage space without anyone being the wiser. Custom cabinetry and storage solutions to maximize closet space is also a simple way to tuck all the necessities of life away while giving you a feeling of more open space in the main rooms of your home. 


Multipurpose Is Your Friend


The great thing about interior design is that you can make your own rules. Who says your beautiful kitchen table cannot function as your desk? Who says your ottomans can’t also serve as a coffee table when you place a decorative tray on top? Finding multiple uses for furniture is a fantastic way to save space and increase functionality without sacrificing style and luxury in your home. 


Mirror, Mirror On the Wall



Mirrors are the quintessential solution to creating the illusion of space. Well-placed mirrors can add light to a space and can make a room feel twice as big, thanks to the reflection of the area. So if knocking down walls or re-entering the real estate market isn’t on the table, add more space, light, and character to a room with a beautiful mirror.


Think of the Numbers


If you want a big couch or bed, simply have fewer items in that room to avoid overcrowding a space. If you wish to have multiple chairs for entertaining in a living area, opt for a smaller sofa to allow for other furnishings. Consider the square footage and plan accordingly for those big items, like tables, beds, and sofas. 

Small spaces are the perfect canvas for creative interior design. It may seem like a bit of a puzzle at first, finding a way to fit everything you want and need into a smaller space, but in the end, you can create a cozy, luxurious home that doesn’t come with the same upkeep a more substantial dwelling might. If you’re struggling to find a stylish solution for your limited square footage, let our design team help. Chat with one of our qualified and passionate team members to create the home you’ve always wanted — despite any size limits you may be facing.