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Creating the Perfect Home Office Space

Creating the perfect office space isn’t the answer to getting all your work done AND loving it, but it can help with your productivity. When you work from home, it can be even harder to manage yourself and forget about the distractions. Any time you go to work, you’re also dangerously close to the kitchen that needs a good cleaning or the TV that can reward you for the small task you just completed. Having an office space that’s welcoming and functional can make “heading into the office” a lot easier. So how do you turn your home office from a cave into a den of creativity?

Storage Solutions


Having a clean desk surface is paramount to not feeling overwhelmed. Being able to neatly tuck away information and past projects you don’t need to look at right now can help you keep your focus on the task at hand. Often, however, people think that filing cabinets are the only answer to their storage needs. It can be part of it, but there are many ways to incorporate storage into your office that can still feel creative and decorative. 


Decorate for Growth


Sure, we want to see our productivity and bank account grow thanks to work done in our home office, but make sure you remember another vital kind of growth: a plant. Having an office plant can reduce stress, clean the air, make your office feel more welcome, and they provide fantastic decoration to any space. Adding a plant is one of our favourite home design hacks. 




Everyone’s office needs are different. If you’re a programmer, you may need two, or even three, computer monitors. As for a writer, your office may need a visual bulletin board full of inspiration and little post-it notes full of ideas and quotes. Your space needs to be functional for you. Another key consideration when it comes to home design for our office space is how much square footage you have. Not all of us have a separate room dedicated to our office needs. If you’re carving out a corner of your bedroom, think about creating an oasis within an oasis. 


The Right Desk & Chair


You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your office. One area you shouldn’t skimp out on is a great desk and chair. The right desk and chair combination is the heart and soul of an office. A fantastic chair should be the right height for the desk so as not to strain your neck, back, or wrists. A desk and chair should be stylish while still being supportive and practical. You’re going to be spending a lot of time here and should be comfortable. Make sure you spend the money on your office furniture so that it will last. 




The lighting in your home office is vital. Dark spaces have a time and a place, but they can be dreary. If you need a dark room to complete your work, make sure it’s on your own terms, thanks to things like blackout blinds. 


If your home has small windows, it doesn’t mean your light is limited. Bringing in sheer white drapes, clean, bright coloured furniture, and ample desk and floor lamps can brighten even the darkest of corners. A reliable source of light is an essential item on any office furniture shopping list. 




Who are you? What kind of work do you do? Do you love vibrant colours or crave more monotone, earthy shades? Ultimately, your office space should reflect who you are. In any room, home decor should always aim to highlight the homeowner’s needs and style. When it comes to making a home office your own, think about things like area rugs, pictures, wall colours, and decorative accessories such as books and statues. Sure, the big office furniture items are vital to the success of an office. You should pick a desk and chair that fits your home decor theme. The little details that make a room “yours” are just as important as that big modern desk or that cushy vintage chair. Every item in a room plays a part in the overall decor of the space. Bring yourself into the design of the space, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy working in there in no time.

If you’re looking for the perfect office furniture for your home design needs, our showroom is the ideal place to start. Come in and see what speaks to you.