Design Feature: Modern Classic 

In the world of interior design, there are homes that stand out as true masterpieces. Karen and Walt’s contemporary residence in Fairfield is undoubtedly one of them. Janine had the privilege of working with Karen and Walt to create a breathtaking home that seamlessly blends modern and classic elements, resulting in what we affectionately call “Modern Classic Design.” 

In this blog, we’ll take you on a guided tour through this remarkable home, room by room, highlighting the exquisite furniture pieces and design choices that make it so unique and timeless.

Den: A Cozy Oasis

The den is a haven of comfort and style. At its heart lies the Custom Design Sectional from CR Laine. Its luxurious upholstery and impeccable craftsmanship provide the perfect centerpiece for a cozy movie night. Paired with Studio Leather Ottomans from CR Laine, this space exudes sophistication and comfort. The Crosstown Floor Lamp from Pacific Coast Lighting adds a modern edge to the room and offers a variation in lighting. Having varied lighting is perfect for a space that will be used for various activities, from movies to quiet evenings with a good book. 

Living Room: Elegance Redefined

Upstairs in the living room, the Messina Sectionals by Rene Cazares take center stage. These custom-made Californian wonders offer exquisite seating comfort thanks to the White Goose fill and an extensive range of high-quality fabric selections, ensuring a perfect fit for any design vision. 

The Duo tables from Trica Furniture are the perfect fit to pull all of the elements of the space together thanks to their contrasting materials with the powder-coated steel and Calacatta Porcelain tops. Janaine’s attention to detail extends to the custom-size wool rug from Jaunty Rugs, which was meticulously chosen to fit flawlessly under the sectionals, tying the room together in perfect harmony. Using primarily white, black, stone, and metallic elements in this home really helps to make the private art on display pop as the only source of colour in many of the spaces. 

Kitchen and Dining Area: Culinary Excellence Meets Design Brilliance

The kitchen and dining area showcase Janine’s commitment to blending beauty with functionality. The Wish Counter Stools by Trica Furniture, with their ebony powder-coated steel and white leather, add a modern edge to the kitchen bar. Meanwhile, the dining chairs, Sara I, and Sara II, are a splendid combination of white leather and modern black and white fabric from Trica Furniture that carry the black and white sophisticated simplicity throughout the home.

Art: A Gallery of Inspiration

Art is an integral part of this Modern Classic Design. The intention behind using shades and muted colours within the furniture is to draw the eye to the art on display throughout the home. The Bedroom Art features cast Oil Drum Wall Discs from Phillips Collection, which glisten with gold leaf accents and add a depth of colour and texture to the space. The stairway is adorned with the striking Reaching for Center wall sculpture by Global Views, which couldn’t have been a better fit for the home! 

Ready to design your perfect home?

Karen and Walt’s home is a masterpiece that beautifully combines modern and classic elements, brought to life by the creative vision of Janine. Each room tells a unique story, seamlessly blending comfort, style, and functionality. The great thing about this kind of design is its versatility if you want to change out artwork to focus on a new colour or style.

We hope this tour has inspired you and given you a glimpse into the world of Modern Classic Design. If you’re ready to transform your space into a work of art, Luxe Home Interiors is here to make your design dreams come true. Get in touch today.