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Design Feature: West Coast Contemporary Design

Designer Portfolio: Elaine’s Spin on West Coast Contemporary Decor With a View in Victoria, BC

Elaine recently showed us around the stunning Victoria home of Don and Marilee. Coming from a traditional and ornate home in Alberta, Don and Marilee were looking for a fresh start in their new coastal home. Elaine helped them to simplify, streamline, and style the luxurious modern home of their dreams. 

The touches of purple highlight the fun and youthful spirit of the homeowners and add intrigue, luxury, and fun to the home. The interior of each space is well thought out and luxurious. However, what makes this home stand out in our memory is the stunning view!

Perched on top of a hill, this home boasts panoramic views of the ocean and rolling hills around Greater Victoria. Coupled with this view, the stunning shapes and textures of the furniture scream “Everybody’s Welcome” for a sophisticated and memorable dinner party. 

Curious to know more about creating a relaxing and inviting contemporary space? Follow along on our tour. 

Living Room

Walking through the bright entrance of this home, you would think the first thing you’d notice is the wall of windows and the view. However, before your eyes can travel that far, you’re drawn to the curved white sofa in the living space. The touches of purple and metallic elements work perfectly to build visual interest and brighten every corner of the upstairs area. The curved shapes of the furniture in an angular space add simple softness to the home. The area rug adds even more warmth underfoot for the cool evening temperatures. Who even needs a TV when you’ve got that big sky to enjoy?

In this space, you’ll see:

Dining Room

Because of the open-concept nature of this home, the living space and kitchen/dining area blend nicely. When decorating, we had this large round table and dramatic chairs that worked well to mirror the curved layout of the furniture in the main living space. The Apollo bar cart adds a feeling of fun and sophistication, saying, “Adults live here!”

The goal of the dining area was to keep things simple. The minimal decor and clean lines draw the eye in only for a moment and then direct your focus outward to the stunning views on display. 

Featured in this space is the Decor-Rest Apollo Barcart.

Guest Bedroom

This space is the perfect oasis for guests to retreat to and unwind. It has its own bathroom and entrance to the lower balcony full of stunning flowers. The pop of purple here adds some joy and links the room with the rest of the house and the feature color throughout that the homeowners chose. What we love about this space is the simple touches of personality that make it feel homey without making it feel cluttered so that guests can still easily add their own items to the room while they visit. 

Featured in this space is the Uttermost Console Table.


The art throughout the home (both purchased at Luxe and part of Don and Marilee’s existing collection) often has touches of purple hues throughout. This adds an element of cohesion throughout the home – a crucial element when dealing with so many open-concept spaces. Many of the pieces are vibrant and add flair and fun to the home, and many other details have personal stories and anecdotes behind them. Curious about the personal story behind some of the art? Keep reading. 

 The Art is largely brought to you by:

Sitting Room

Look closely in this cozy little sitting space, and you’ll see a lively little guest. This little fellow is the audience member for the piano that Marilee plays. This way, there’s always someone there to enjoy the music and offer support and silent feedback. Our favorite thing about working with clients in their homes is little personal touches like this. The stories in a space make it feel like a home. 

This little recessed space on the wall makes for the ideal sitting area in a downstairs entertaining room. Just around the corner is a pool table, piano, and the most stunning wine cellar you’ve ever seen! Didn’t we say, “Adults live here!”

In this space, you’ll see:

West Coast Contemporary Design

West Coast Contemporary is a distinctive architectural style that merges modern elements with the West Coast’s natural beauty. This design approach emphasizes clean lines, open spaces, and seamless integration with the surrounding environment. This design style prioritizes functionality and practicality, focusing on creating indoor-outdoor connections and spaces that promote a sense of relaxation and tranquility. West Coast Contemporary design embraces simplicity, minimalism, and a timeless aesthetic.

Don and Marilee’s home captures the essence of modern luxury and coastal living. The strategic use of purple accents keeps things minimal and clean while adding personality and joy to the home. The furniture’s stunning shapes and textures create an inviting and sophisticated ambiance while placing the focus on the views and environment surrounding the house. 

The emphasis on curved forms and clean lines throughout the home adds a sense of softness and visual interest. West Coast Contemporary design embodies relaxation, invitation, and a harmonious blend of modernity and coastal charm, and this home is an excellent example of this design style. 

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