Design the Perfect Guest Room

Now’s the perfect time to design and decorate the ideal guest bedroom and take your time. Seeing as we aren’t having the large holiday get-togethers in 2020, this has become the perfect year to focus on our home decor in preparation for those reunion visits when COVID is over! 

Create the perfect guest bedroom with these top tips:


The most important thing to consider before designing the perfect guest bedroom is what you need from the space. If your guest room doubles as your home office, this will drastically impact your furniture and decor options. However, if your guest room is simply going to be an oasis for visiting family and friends, you may only end up needing extra storage in the closet for yourself.

Comfortable bedding

The key to the perfect guestroom is the bed and bedding. Make sure to opt for a quality mattress rather than an inexpensive option. Choose a size that’s appropriate for the use of the room and the overall size. Nothing’s worse than walking into a guest bedroom that’s too small for a king-sized mattress unless you’re walking into a guest room with an old futon; that’s worse. 

Choose comfortable sheets and a duvet that will have your guests waking up rested and in a great mood while they’re staying with you. 

Storage solutions

Your guest room should have enough space for a guest to unpack a bit so they feel more at home. Keep clutter minimal by offering guests a place to set their bag down or even a few empty hangers for their clothing and personal effects. 

Soothing colours

The colour palette should match the overall colour scheme of your home decor. This will create a soothing feeling of cohesion throughout your home and make a guest feel connected rather than like they’re in a separate section, removed from the rest of the house. A soothing colour palette is always a good idea in a bedroom for getting a good night’s sleep. If you want happy and fresh-faced house guests, pick soft colours, furniture, and bedding to create a cozy home away from home for visitors.

Additional furniture & decor 

Have you ever walked into one of those hotels that has a dresser, a tv, a bed, and a lamp? The sparse nature and sterile look of the necessities can sometimes be off-putting. Have some fun with your guest bedroom and jazz it up a bit. Try some interesting wall art, a nightstand table with metallic finishes, or an area rug with an enticing pattern or texture. It’s the decor that really makes a space feel complete. 

If you need help taking your guest room from uncomfortable Airbnb to a 5-star luxury retreat, get in touch with our teamOur design experts can help with all of your interior design and home furnishing needs. Now is the time to create the perfect guest room so that you can invite all of your friends and family over for the weekend when it’s safe to do so once more.