Dresser vs. Wardrobe: What’s the Difference?

Creating the perfect bedroom often means spending 90% of your time and energy picking the bed and 10% of your time on everything else. When it comes to functional and luxurious bedroom decor, deciding between a wardrobe or a dresser should take up more than 10% of your attention. Before we start weighing the pros and cons of the two, we want to define what we’re talking about when we say wardrobe vs. dresser. 

What is a dresser?

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A dresser is a unit of furniture that has a series of horizontal sliding drawers. These can be tall, as in the case of a “highboy” or “tallboy,” or they can be longer and lower, sometimes referred to as a “lowboy.” 

What is a wardrobe?

You may have heard a wardrobe referred to as an armoire, a chest, or a cabinet. A wardrobe is a storage solution that includes both drawers AND an area to hang clothing behind doors. Wardrobes differ from dressers in this key aspect: they provide hanging and folding storage in one place. 

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Now that you know the difference between a wardrobe and a dresser, which is best for you? To find the answer ask yourself these questions:

Do you need to hang things?

The most significant difference between a dresser and a wardrobe is the ability to hang clothing instead of folding everything. A wardrobe will provide a few drawers for folded items as well as a spot to hang clothing. This is especially important to consider when you are looking for a storage solution for a guest room or if your bedroom has a small closet — or no closet at all. 

Do you have the height?

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A wardrobe can sometimes make a space feel small because of its height. If you’re decorating a loft or a bedroom with lower ceilings, the furniture’s size is essential to consider. Tall furniture can make the space feel even smaller based on the proximity of the ceiling.

What goes better with my style and floorplan?

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A big part of deciding between a wardrobe or a dresser for your bedroom design is your decor style. You can find a wardrobe and a dresser that match any style. However, one may look better than the other.

It’s crucial to look at the overall square footage and where everything will fit. Wardrobes tend to take up less floor space than a dresser that offers the same amount of storage. Are you looking for something to fit under a window? Then a dresser is a perfect solution. If you want to get the most storage while taking up the least amount of floor space, a wardrobe will be the better option. 

So, which one is better?

When it comes to deciding between a wardrobe or dresser, neither is better than the other. As with any interior design and decor, it comes down to your unique space and preference. If you’re having a hard time deciding what to do in your home, our interior designers can help. Get in touch today to start designing the home of your dreams.