High Point Furniture Market: 2020 Home Decor Trends

Darren recently visited the High Point Furniture Market to check out what’s on the horizon for the upcoming year. It was a fantastic trip, and we learned a lot. We’re very excited to see some of these trends make their way into the showroom in the coming months are even more thrilled to see these trends make their way into people’s homes. So what are the home decor trends to expect in 2020?


Colour, Colour & More Colour



2020 is not afraid of colour. You can expect to see some bold, bright colours and a few pairings you wouldn’t usually expect to see together. Some colours will be more popular than others, too. We saw a lot of pink and blush tones together, cuddling softly in the corner. There were the bold and vivid shades of orange, gold, and blue that demanded the spotlight. And speaking of blue, it was everywhere — 50 shades of it. Blue seems to be stealing the show in 2020 home decor trends, but just because blue is popular doesn’t mean orange will take a back seat. In fact, often, these two seem to be best friends in the home furnishings world. 


Floral & Romantic



The soft pastels and pink tones lend themselves nicely to a more modern spin on the floral and romantic aesthetic. Expect to see a lot of soft fabrics in even softer, more romantic shades. We can also expect to see some beautiful little decorative pieces that feature floral designs to pull entire spaces together. 


Casual & Comfortable



Home decor and interior design aren’t only about trends and what’s fashionable. A large part of interior decorating is looking for home furnishings that are practical for your lifestyle. We saw a lot of displays and themes surrounding casual and comfortable spaces perfect for unwinding in. This casual trend is ideal for a calm and chill space to come home to. 


Hollywood Glam



Anything but calm and casual, Hollywood is taking centre stage and is pushing hard for an award this year in home decor. We saw a lot of big, bold, and white furniture with dark accents and numerous photos on the walls, creating a feeling of glamour, luxury, and importance. 





We love it when metallics and textures make their way into the home decor scene and into our hearts. Brass was shining bright in 2019, and that sparkle won’t be dimming in the slightest in 2020. From subtle fixtures to full-on centrepieces, brass is back. 


Animals Are Everywhere



Animals are a huge part of interior design. Not only do you need to consider pets when decorating a space, but you should think about how animals make their way into furniture and design itself. In 2020, expect to see many trends featuring our furry friends. We saw a lot of flamingos and dogs on prints and in pictures. Sheepskin seems to be cozying up nicely beside any living room space. Puppy love is going to be a year-long trend, and we could see it raining cats and dogs, but mostly dogs, on home furniture in 2020. 





Natural colours, pieces inspired by ethnic flavour and spices, organic touches, and greenery aren’t going anywhere. Mother nature will be visiting, and she’s not an unwelcome house guest — ever. There’s always room in the home design sphere for a more natural and earthy feel. 


MCM Revisited



Do you love vintage styles but are fearful of coming home to a space that looks reminiscent of your mother’s house? Well, vintage is back with a modern twist you’ll love. 


A Few Extra Tips


This may seem like a lot to take in, but just wait, there’s more! A few extra things we saw a lot of were bar carts, entertaining spaces, and whimsical touches. Looks like entertaining is on the brain with home decor trends in 2020. Think a well-stocked bar cart and a functional, fashionable entertaining space. We saw several whimsical design ideas that made us do a double-take to make sure we weren’t dreaming. Expect to see personalities coming through in home decor with fun, silly, and magical design themes this coming year.

Want to see what we’re talking about? Keep a close eye on the showroom and come in for a visit. We’ll be redecorating to reflect what we saw to show you what the future of home decor and interior design is going to look like.