High Point Market

High Point Market: 2023 Interior Design Trends To Expect

Our team just returned from the High Point Market! There were so many exciting looks and innovative designs that we could tell you about, but we’ll try to keep it to the six major trends we noticed this year. 

These are the trends you can expect to see in 2023 in home decor and interior design.

1. Stone

Stone has always been a fixture in interior decor. We noticed many natural stone elements in furniture and accessories this year. Expect to see a lot of stone coffee tables and decorative pieces like lamps. It’s not just the furniture either. Stone is inspiring many of the patterns in fabrics in the coming season.

Source: Four Hands

2. Bouclé 

Subtle is never bad, and bouclé is one of those fabrics that can add a subtle texture to any space. Don’t be fooled; this elegant fabric is also a durable addition to any home and can be found in various colours. Thanks to the curled or knobby appearance of bouclé material, it helps absorb noise and creates a cozy and quiet space — perfect for a comfortable family room or home office for focusing. This coming year, expect to see bouclé dining chairs, sofas, accent chairs and throw pillows.  

3. Dark woods

Expect dark wood furniture in 2023 and a nod to a more traditional aesthetic and feel. Warm brown tones in our wood and fabric are taking center stage. Darker hues and woods will add a feeling of relaxation and warmth to your home year-round. Darker woods can also be an excellent way to add separation and structure to an open-concept space. 

4. Tribal Prints

Tribal print and animal prints are making a comeback! Geometric patterns are a big trend in accent chairs, and animal print-inspired fabrics are making their way back into the home. Animal-inspired prints and patterns were a significant trend in 2022 fashion. This trend is making its way into interior decor and our homes in 2023.

5. Art Deco

We’ve seen a revival of the art deco style in the past few years, and this trend isn’t slowing down. The exciting and eclectic art deco shapes are showing up in fabrics, artwork, wallpapers, and even the curves and lines of furniture. Expect more arches in homes from an architectural perspective and interesting curves. 

6. Wallpaper

Loud wallpaper and vibrant patterns were a big hit at the High Point Market this year. This trend isn’t just for the walls either. Whenever wallpaper makes a big splash, vibrant patterns in furniture and fabric follow close behind. People are craving energy in their homes in 2023, and having a bold and tasteful pattern stealing the show as a feature item is a great way to infuse personality into a space. 

Are you as excited about this coming year as we are? We cannot wait to get new pieces into the showroom! Come in, see what we offer, and get the latest trends before the rush! Visit us in downtown Victoria at 564 Yates Street or follow us on Instagram to get furniture inspiration directly on your phone. 

A word of thanks:

Thank you to our vendors who made our time at the High Point Market so wonderful — and a little emotional, if we’re being honest. After three years spent apart and distant, we didn’t realize how thankful we were to be connected once again. Thinking back, we’re humbled by how close our community is. We love you all and missed you SO MUCH!