High Point Market Trends

Some interior design trends that we saw this season are:


Pantone's Rose quartz and Serenity were prevalent mixed with other earthy hues.  Greys have become warmer and I was pleasantly surprised to see blue everywhere.

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Furniture styles looked and felt more comfortable and fabrics more durable. Crypton fabric was everywhere! Invented in 1993, Crypton technology is leading the performance textile industry in the U.S. Crypton is the only textile that is engineered to deliver precise stain, moisture, mildew, bacteria and odor resistance at the fiber level and remains the only non-porous fabric surface recognized by the EPA. Crypton products are environmentally preferable and are produced using renewable energy sources, making them even more desirable in today’s green-conscious market. Using an integrated, patented barrier that guarantees moisture resistance, Crypton fabrics are designed to be extremely easy to clean, allowing spots and spills to be easily removed with soap and water. This ensures that Crypton’s fabric stays fresher and better-looking than any other textile, and as such, there have been more than 120 million yards already successfully installed in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, cruise lines and healthcare facilities worldwide. Even the White House and Buckingham Palace have used this amazing product.

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Furniture frames were shown with clean lines and soft curves. Unlike the more structured and formal looking pieces of the past. Opulent has been replaced by a far more casual elegance.  Bench seating has replaced individual cushions in many of the sofas and sectionals that we saw. Curves were also found in the organic shapes in everything from accessories, fabric patterns and light fixtures.

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Fit for Market

Being a fitness enthusiast I was happy to see a Market Fit Challenge, where they encouraged attendees to track their steps for prizes. On average most attendees track about 50,000 steps in over the course of the 4 days. According to the recently published results, Market Fit Challenge participants logged a total of more than 3.8 million steps from Saturday, April 16 through 11:59pm on Tuesday, April 19.


Technology has made its way into highpoint by way of a new app introduced called MyMarket. MyMarket allows users to customize their Market schedule, find exhibitors, select educational seminars and social events, and save all of their selections to their personal itinerary. Then, they simply downloaded the MyMarket and their saved plan is delivered right to the palm of their hand.

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