hollywood glam

How to Achieve Hollywood Glam Decor

Our home is the stage for most of the action in our lives. So doesn’t it make sense that this stage is as glamorous as the stars in Hollywood? Hollywood glam is what you get when Art Deco luxury meets Mid-Century Modern utility. It’s the kind of interior design that may look over the top but is actually very simplistic in many ways, offering a great deal of space to a room. 


How do you bring that Hollywood glam into home decor and interior design? 


Timeless & Versatile Colours



Hollywood glam means sticking to more neutral and versatile colours. When we do see colours in this design theme, it’s intentional. Hollywood glam generally focuses on two or three complementary colours to achieve this look. Blacks, whites, golds, and silvers, with a pop of natural colour or some red for awards season, are enough to infuse glamour into any home. 


Glitz & Glitter Take Centre Stage


We see a lot of sparkle in Hollywood-inspired home decor. Metallic accents and bold lighting design make you do a double-take — especially when they’re surrounded by mirrors to magnify the sparkle. This home decor style is anything but frightened of glitter and gold. 


Texture & Pattern See Some Serious ACTION!


Bold and commanding patterns and textures should be nominated for every class of award. When it comes to a Hollywood glam design, we see a mix of fun and elegant patterns together with textures that draw movement into any space.  


Drama Never Looked So Good



We generally say that excessive drama in a home is a no-no, but when it comes to Hollywood, drama is a way of life. The same goes for Hollywood glam interior design. Drama infuses its way into everything, from large light installations to room commanding furniture pieces. Bold statement pieces are the look on this red carpet. 


Luxury & Variety Are the Best Co-Stars


The thing that sets Hollywood Glam apart from many others is that it lives outside of time. There’s no one single era that inspires this look, making it the perfect style for those who like to play while remaining timeless. The Mid-Century Modern-inspired furniture of this design means that your bigger items will always be in style. As a result, you’re able to play around with pattern, texture, art, and decorative extras with the kind of freedom only limited by your imagination.


We love seeing what homeowners create, and we’re passionate about helping them bring their vision to life in their home. If you’re looking for some sparkle and glam in your home, Hollywood-inspired home decor could be the answer. Our team of experienced designers are here to help you create that perfect space. Come into our showroom today to see what inspires you. Just like any great movie, your home first begins with your imagination — we can help you do the rest.