How to Bring Zen Into Your Interior Design

When it comes to designing your home, calm and zen are two words you generally want to feel the minute you walk through the door.   

Life is stressful. As busy adults, we’re always hustling to work, family functions, appointments, and grocery shopping. It never stops. Your home should be an oasis — somewhere you can hide away and allow the world’s stresses to melt away. This is easier said than done, though, we know.  

Luckily, you can use a few key interior design tactics to create a more zen home.  

1. Bring in Earthy Colours

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Any zen space needs the right colour palette. Subdued colours inspired by nature can create a calming atmosphere in any home. Consider the psychological effects of soothing colours like blue, green, and brown. These colours, found in nature, have been shown to have a positive impact on our mental state. Blue, for example, is commonly used in hospitals for its soothing effects on anxiety and insomnia.  

2. Lay Down Some Softness  

How calm can you feel with cold feet? Area rugs make any space more relaxed and inviting, giving a soft, warm feeling under your feet. They also make any room feel more welcoming — try getting an area rug in a soothing colour or pattern.   

3. Go Au-Natural with Textures & Materials

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If you want your interior design to create a soothing space, consider natural textures and materials in your home decor. Wooden furniture is a beautiful way to make a room feel more zen and balanced. Playing with textures can also mimic some of your favourite natural environments. Texture is fun, and you can find a lot of it in outdoor spaces: the texture of trees, grass, sand, and even stone. Incorporate this level of variety in your home, too.  

4. Shine the Right Light  

Lighting is a significant part of zen interior design. For a simple solution, look at dimmer switches. They offer versatility when creating ambient lighting while being cost-effective. Another simple yet effective tool is the use of lamps. Place them in dark, gloomy rooms and corners to bring more soft light. Lighting is an essential part of any space. If you want to avoid an imbalanced room, look to the light.  

5. Kick Clutter Out  

Clutter can make you feel disorganized, cramped, and uneasy. There are several options you can use to have the things you need without the clutter that comes with them. Look for storage solutions that add value to your home while still creating a zen look and feel in the space.   

6. Let Your Garden Grow

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Just because interior design focuses on your home’s interior doesn’t mean you can’t bring the outside indoors. In fact, you should when it comes to creating a peaceful space in your home. Bringing mother nature into your home is the perfect way to create a calming atmosphere. A simple way to do that? Start with houseplants.  

Interior design is all about creating a space where you can relax and unwind in. These are only a few tips on creating a zen look through interior design. However, if a zebra couch and bright red walls makes you feel calm — do what makes you feel comfortable! For help finding your design style and the right home decor for your space, get in touch with our team and come into the showroom today.