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How to Choose the Perfect Accent Chair

An accent chair may seem like a simple purchase at first glance, but this is actually a key piece in any room. Sometimes, it’s the smaller items that can upset the entire design of a room, and accent chairs fall under this category. 

The trick to successful interior design is decorating with intention. Have a clear idea and vision in mind when you’re on the hunt for a new piece. 

There are five esthetic traits to any accent chair you should remember:

  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Material

These five traits will make up the esthetic look of an accent chair and must be considered in any decision. The bold colour of a chair could clash with a vase or the drapes already in the room. Similarly, if you already have dark wood pieces, light wood with a prominent grain could feel out of place. 

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Now that you know what to consider, these are the questions to ask when picking the right accent chair for your home. 

What is the Design Style of the Room?

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Is the room you’re choosing the accent chair for modern, vintage, eclectic, or contemporary? The overall design of a space will drastically impact your choice of an accent chair. 

If you’re choosing an accent chair for a bright, modern city condo, a vintage wingback chair may feel off-putting within the room. Consider the colours, textures, and materials already within the space and choose an accent chair that fits this interior design esthetic. 

What Do I Need the Functionality of the Chair to Be?

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This is the big question. What is the purpose behind the accent chair you’re looking to purchase? In other words, what will you be using it for? Sometimes, you want something to fit the design and look of the space, and other times, it serves a specific purpose. If you’re looking for accent chairs to fit in a dining room for additional seating, they need to be high enough for the table. Similarly, a large accent chair in a small condo can overcrowd the room. 

The functionality of an accent chair should also be a significant factor in your decision making. If you have children or pets, you’re going to need to consider the colour and material of the chair more closely.

Should I Look for Matching Sets?

Rather than a hard rule, this is more of a preference. Some people prefer the look of a matching set. In contrast, others enjoy the flexibility and unique look of a mix-and-match living room sofa and accent chair. Just be aware of the overall look of the room and which one will work for your desired interior design look and your personal preference and design style. 

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