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How to Decorate the Bedroom of Your Dreams

Your bedroom should be your oasis. If the heart of a home is the living room, and the soul is the kitchen, then the bedroom is the brain. It’s not only where you go to quiet your thoughts and recharge but is a place that should reflect your style — all while being calm. So how can you recreate the perfect bedroom?


Choosing the Right Bed Size



The key to any great bedroom design is the right bed. It may seem obvious, but this is one of those cases where bigger is not always better. Having a bed that’s too large for the square footage of your room can leave you feeling suffocated and block the flow of your design. Once you know what dimensions to look for, everything else can fall into place. From the look and comfort of a bed to your sleep needs, these elements can change according to your own personal style.


Bring In Texture & Colour



Collins Dictionary defines an oasis as a pleasant place surrounded by unpleasant ones. That should be the aim of your bedroom — a pleasant escape from the outside world. Consider calming sounds, smells, colours, and textures. A cozy area rug is a fantastic way to infuse warmth into any bedroom. Think about the bedspread and art in your bedroom, too. A duvet or quilt is the simplest way to bring a bit of personal style into a space. 

Choosing a calming colour in a bedroom can actually help you sleep deeper and longer. We’re thrilled to see a huge trend in blue colours for the coming year, as it just so happens that blue is one of the best choices for a bedroom. 


Keep the Electronics Out


Your bedroom decor should have minimal amounts of electronics. Aside from an alarm clock or a speaker for some relaxing music, your walls should be free of TVs, and your surfaces clear of computers. This is a space for you to recharge instead of checking the news, binge-watching a series, or sending a late-night e-mail. Having a bedroom with few electronic devices can actually help you sleep better. 


Bring the Outdoors Inside with Plants & Soft Lighting


Plants make everything better. Find yourself some air-purifying plants to help you feel invigorated and ready every time you wake up. Choose lights that can dim or that cast warm hues for your bedroom. This type of lighting can bring a feeling of warmth into a bedroom that leaves us feeling rested as if we were on vacation. Get a comforting bedside lamp to avoid stubbing your toes, trying to get to bed in the dark. 

Your bedroom is for you to enjoy. This is one room that many people won’t see, so it should be a space that you look forward to unwinding in. Make sure that everything in the room is there to serve and relax you. If you need help planning out the interior design of your dream bedroom, come into our showroom and ask our qualified team for some help.