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How to Incorporate Florals into Your Home Decor

High Point Furniture Market showed us that there’s a massive trend in floral design right now — perfect for the upcoming spring season! But sometimes, knowing what a trend isn’t enough. How do you incorporate floral patterns into your home? Aside from the obvious — fresh flowers — here are a few exciting ways to infuse your home with florals.

Wallpaper & Wall Art

An excellent way to add some floral design to your home is through wall art and wallpaper, but don’t forget to think about scale. The larger the wall, the larger the extent of the print. Floral patterns can be bright and have a lot of detail. This amount of detail can be overwhelming if it takes up a large part of a space, and you have other textures and pieces competing for attention. If you’re going to infuse floral designs in large-sized wall art, tapestry, or wallpaper, try decorating the rest of the room in a more muted, clean way so as not to clash with the pattern. 

Curtains & Area Rugs

Consider the colours as well as the intricacy and size of the floral print for your space. A floral-inspired area rug can make your living room feel like a mountaintop meadow instantly. It can also feel like an overgrown secret garden. The key to bringing in curtains or an area rug with a flowery pattern is finding a design and colour combination that complements the rest of the room. Home decor is all about balance, and flowers are versatile. You can choose bright posies or florals in muted shades and understated tones that may work better with your pre-existing decor. 

Floral Accents

Floral accents are one of our favourites! This is a fun way to bring a bit of spring into your home without having to commit to large-scale home design techniques like wallpaper. Pillows, bedspreads, lampshades, or even fresh flowers are fantastic ways to bring floral prints into your home. 

Floral Accent Chairs & Furniture

We love stunning floral designs on accent chairs — but don’t buy the first botanical-loooking chair you see. Always consider a few key things when committing to a new piece of furniture, especially if it’s a floral pattern:

  • Pattern
  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Scale

For example, if you already own a large beige sofa with dark wood end tables and a textured, muted-tone area rug, look at a deeper coloured floral accent chair to complement the earthy tones you already have in the space. 

Home decor can be tricky when trying to bring a new trend into a pre-existing space. It’s possible to bring vibrant and loud floral touches into your home decor toolbox. However, it can get a little over the top if you’re not careful. Our team of trained design professionals can help you bring some floral prints into your home without any mistakes or accidents you may otherwise make. Come into our showroom today and let us help you breathe life into that interior garden you dream of.