How to Mix Home Decor Styles

Some things don’t mix well, like oil and water or camo and plaid. The same goes for home decor and interior design styles. Mixing-and-matching is a-ok — when done right. 

The trick to any interior decor style is intention. When you mix two or three design styles together purposely, it can look fresh, exciting, and professional. When done unintentionally, it can look cluttered, confused, and tragic. 

Here are some of our top tips for mixing and matching home decor styles. 

Start From the Bottom

Source: Fourhands Website

Mixing styles requires a strong base to build off. Your floor is the best base for any look to be based on. Consider a neutral floor material and colour or incorporate an area rug that can pull both styles together. 

Some Things Can’t Be 50/50

Sometimes, splitting things down the middle works, but in interior design — it doesn’t. When you mix modern and classic vintage, going 50/50 doesn’t give either one the lead, and you end up with two competing looks instead of a primary role and a supporting one. Stick to an 80/20 mix.

Pair Colours for Partnerships

The best way to create a partnership between two interior design styles in the same space is to find a colour that they share. If you’re tying modern with a beach house vibe, find a common tone or hue in both looks to pull the entire space together. Stick to three different shades per room as a limit. 

Look for Commonalities

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When pulling two home decor looks together, look for the similarities. This will make the differences pleasantly noticeable instead of awkward and forced. If you are playing with modern and mid-century, look for familiar looks such as exposed legs on furniture.

Find Your Hero Pieces

If you have one item or furniture piece that really stands apart, give it the spotlight. Trying to hide something that feels out of place will only make it more noticeable. If you have a standout item, make it the hero piece or focal point in the room. 

Be Aware of Texture & Materials

Don’t mix and match wood furniture unless you are doing so intentionally for the style itself. Trying to mix two different interior design looks and a variety of wood types and shades will look out of place and as if you’ve been collecting furniture over the years with little thought. 

Ready, Set, Go!

There are no rules when it comes to interior design, only suggestions and best practices. Have fun with your home decor! Mix and match styles to showcase your personal style and look — even if it goes against conventional roles.  

If you want to mix two very unique looks but are unclear where to start, talk to a design specialist on our team. Our complimentary design services can help you plan out a space. We also offer custom furniture design with various brands to create the perfect piece to showcase your unique mix of style and flare. Come into our showroom or get in touch today to design the home of your dreams now.