How to Add Sculpture Into Your Interior Design

Art is an essential part of any home. Carefully curated art pieces can pull an entire room together and provide visual stimulation to guests. Part of great interior decor is to showcase your personality. So why not use sculpture as a way to put your soul on display?

Adding art to your home isn’t all about photo walls, paintings, and carefully planned bookshelf decor. Sculptures are a fantastic way to add elements of art to your home. However, sculpture can feel like a big commitment, and it takes up valuable floor space.

When choosing sculptures to match your interior design esthetic and bring personality into your home, be sure you consider these tips first:

Know the dimensions and sizes.

Most people picture large-scale artworks on display when we say sculpture, but sculptures come in various sizes and shapes. Yes, larger pieces add a feeling of luxury to a home, but a smaller sculpture positioned on a hallway table can be just as pleasing to the eye. Before shopping for sculptures, decide where to display the art and what minimum and maximum size requirements are for the piece. 

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What style are you looking for?

Mixing modern interior design with classical sculptures is a common interior decor choice. The stark contrast between these two interior design styles will help draw the eye to the sculpture in the space and make it feel like a curated art exhibit. These seemingly clashing interior decor styles work well together when you want art to pop. 

Similarly, some contemporary sculptures are so visually unique that you can’t help but stare. What style speaks most to you? 

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Consider the lighting.

If you’re going to take the time to search for the perfect art for your home, display it with pride. A vibrant and colourful sculpture in a dark corner is like buying an evening gown and putting it in a box in the closet. Overhanging floor lamps or free-standing spotlights are great solutions that involve minimal renovation work. If you want to commit to lighting on a larger piece, consider having an electrician install lighting above the art. 

Source: Luxe Design Inspiration

Don’t overdo it.

Less is more when it comes to decorating with sculptures. Having too many small pieces will feel cluttered and distracting. Similarly, if you have one large piece, don’t distract from it with too many other elements of art in the same room. 

Is it functional?

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The great thing about sculpture is that it can be functional as well. Many stunning pieces are meant only to be displayed, but some are built into furniture. If you’re working with a small space, finding artwork that functions as furniture can be perfect. 

Committing to a large piece of art can be scary. Sculptures are generally larger purchases, will be with you for longer, and take up more floor space. Because of this commitment, many people shy away from decorating their homes with sculptures. Don’t let this fear stop you. Well placed and chosen sculptures can be one of the most stunning elements in your home. Our designers can help you find the perfect spot and the right piece for your home. Get in touch today to see some examples of sculpture in our showroom and get inspired.