How to Care for Your Down-Stuffed Upholstery

One of the most luxurious fillings for high-end furniture is down — the soft, shaftless puff of feather that lines a bird’s underbelly. Down-stuffed furniture and upholstery are extraordinarily comfortable while also being durable. Unlike foam and other fills, down does not degrade and break down over time. However, proper care for down-filled furniture is crucial for its longevity. 

To properly care for down-filled furniture, make sure to follow these tips.

1. Lofty comfort goals

Do you know what ”loft” is? Loft is a term used to describe the fluffiness of the down. The loft associated with the down filling makes down-filled furniture so cozy. Have you ever owned a down jacket? The easiest way to fluff it up is to shake it out or toss it in the dryer with a few rolled-up socks on low heat. You can’t fit a sofa in the dryer, so how do you restore loft? 

Sitting on down-filled cushions flatten and squishes the down and causes it to clump up.

To avoid this, turn and rotate the cushions frequently so that repetitive weight in the same place isn’t an issue. If possible, fluff up your pillows and cushions by lightly squeezing and shaking them to unclump the down and add some air into the filling.

2. Keep it clean

Down can be washed with appropriate down detergents, however, many upholstery types can’t be cleaned, or the cleaner is not down-safe. If you use a cleaner that is not down safe and it saturates into the filling of the furniture, this can ruin the down’s ability to loft up and hold hair. 

The best way to keep a down-filled sofa clean is to vacuum the fabric and use appropriate cleaners when necessary in the case of a stain but not to saturate a stain with a cleaner that could damage the down filling. If possible, remove cushion covers when cleaning fabrics. Some cushions are washing machine safe, and down can be fluffed back up using balled-up socks or dryer balls. 

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Source: Decor-Rest

3. Dampening odour

Down is a natural fibre, which means that if it gets damp or is exposed to moisture, it can smell musty. Luckily, there is an easy fix. On a sunny day, lay the cushions out in the sun on a clean surface. Just remember, don’t do this too often, or the sun could fade the upholstery fabric. 

Care for Your Down-Stuffed Upholstery
Source: Four Hands

Proper care and maintenance of quality furniture are crucial to keep it looking great for many years to come. If you’re curious about down-filled furniture and if it suits your lifestyle, our team of interior designers can help. Come into our downtown Victoria BC furniture store showroom or send us an email with your questions and concerns.