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How to Use Bold Colors in Your Home

We’ve all seen those beautiful homes in magazines that seem to effortlessly use bold colours without fear. It’s these images that can inspire many to consider painting their house a striking new colour or even experiment with an eye-catching, colourful sofa.


When it comes to interior design and home decor, mixing bold colours in any room can be a risky move. On the other hand, you could end up falling in love with your home, and the brightness that bold colours can infuse into any interior design. 


Here are just a few helpful things to remember when taking the plunge into the colour pool. 



Make Good Use of Neutral Anchor Pieces 



If you’re going to jump into the deep end of colour, the first thing you’ll need is a few neutral anchor pieces. Neutral tones create a foundation, or a canvas, from which to add your pops of bold colour. Without them, you could end up with numerous colours in a single room that don’t work well with each other. 



Consider How Many Colours You Want to Work With



Pairing colours is where science comes into interior design. Take a look at a colour wheel to find some complementary colour combinations. There are many ways in which colours can complement one another in interior design. Start with colours that sit across from each other on the wheel. This is the easiest way to pair bold colours that may, at first, seem to be in direct contrast. Alternatively, you can find similar shades for more of an ombre effect. 


Next, decide on how many colours you’d like to use. The more colours you use, the more difficult the balancing act will be. If you bring in one bold colour to a room, it’ll be a lot easier to manage as a feature colour, instead of pairing two or three complementary shades and hues. 



Start Small & Take Your Time



The best thing you can do to incorporate colour into your home decor is to start with the small things. Consider a purple vase before you paint all four walls orange. This approach will give you the chance to learn your personal style and how different colours affect your emotions


Research different looks and styles. Take the time to get a feel for different design types and how bold colours work with each space and style. Spend a few months testing out smaller objects; see which colours speak to you.


Another great way to incorporate bold colours safely into your home decor is to talk to an interior design expert. At Luxe, we adore colours. Our team of qualified and passionate staff are always playing with new and creative ways to bring colour into our showroom. Come in today to see some examples and talk to someone on our team.