How to Use The Colour of the Year in Your Home Decor

Pantone’s colour combination of 2021 is Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (yellow). Don’t be fooled, though. Just because they’re the colours for this year doesn’t mean you can only use them for this year only. This is a colour combination that can stand the test of time. Gray has become one of the most versatile shades in home decor, and yellow is a powerful colour that can brighten any home. 

Use yellow and gray together with ease by following these top tips.

1. Try a feature wall

white sofa with throw pillows

The best way to bring a splash of colour into any room is by looking at creative ways to incorporate it into your colour palette. Feature walls command attention. Suppose you already have some Illuminating yellow furniture or Ultimate Gray in your home. Why not consider a fun accent wall in the other colour, perhaps as a solid colour, a fun wallpaper, or in the form of a large art piece. 

2. Look at some new furniture

Source: CR Laine Website

Ultimate Gray is the ultimate colour for furniture. It pairs well with everything, doesn’t show age quite as easily as white furniture, and adds luxurious versatility to any room. If you want to jazz your space up even more, however, why not consider bringing in a focal Illuminating yellow piece? Consider a bright yellow coffee table, side table, or dresser. A vibrant splash of yellow is the perfect way to spice up a guest room or bring some sunshine to a living space.  

3. Get creative with your decorative pieces

Source CR Laine Website

The easiest way to add some new colour to your home is to look at your accessories and decorative items. We love seeing home owners bring in Illuminating yellow into a living room with pillows and art. Your kitchen is crying out for some fun yellow dishes to display or a new centrepiece to brighten 2021 and banish the dreary memories of 2020. 

4. Spice up the soft textiles 

Source: FourHands Website

This year’s colour combination is perfect for a bathroom upgrade and can be done simply by finding a few new decorative pieces and treating yourself to a new towel set. If you want to bring a few rays of sunshine to your bedroom, consider celebrating the Pantone 2021 colour combination with an updated bedspread and sheet set. This is the perfect way to really see how these two colours complement each other. 

Not all colour combinations work well together. To see if your colour palette will work with your dream furniture, ask one of our interior design experts. We offer complimentary design to help you pick the perfect colour when designing custom furniture so that you can be sure it will complement your home. Come in and see us in the showroom today and try a few colour combinations out yourself.