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Leather vs. Fabric Sofas: The Pros & Cons

Asking which is better, a leather sofa or fabric sofa, is asking if pineapple belongs on pizza. Many people are sure of their opinion on pineapple. Leather, you’re either pro or cons.

However, before you decide which camp you’re firmly a part of, we want to outline a few of the benefits of each so you can decide how you feel knowing all the facts. Consider this blog a taste test to see what your opinion is.  

Here are some of the benefits of leather sofas and fabric sofas to help you decide which one is right for you. 

The Benefits of Leather Sofas

There are many pros to leather sofas. A few cons will help you quickly decide if this material is wrong for you, such as being vegan. If you’re vegan, faux leather sofas also share many of these benefits.


. The surface of a leather sofa makes it easy to wipe clean, and most of the dirt and debris stays on the surface. Leather is not a welcoming environment for common allergens such as dust mites or pet dander. Pollen, dust and other irritants cannot disappear deep into the fabric as they can in other materials.


There is just something about the look of a leather or faux leather sofa that screams luxury. The sleek appearance of a leather chair or sofa is always on-trend in home decor and interior design. Create a sophisticated space by choosing a leather sofa. 

Source: Four Hands


As mentioned above, leather is easy to wipe clean and doesn’t require the same deep cleaning to remove dust and pet dander. Because leather is so easy to clean, it requires less regular maintenance. An annual rotation of cushions and the odd wipe down or a dusting of the material will suffice. 

An exception to this “low-maintenance” nature is suede. Suede sofas can be a lot more maintenance because of the texture of the leather material. 


Along with lower maintenance requirements, leather is also very durable. Quality fabric sofas are also quite durable and created with quality fabrics. However, the nature of leather makes it more resilient to wear and tear, and it lasts, on average, five years longer than a fabric counterpart. 

Source: Four Hands

The Benefits of Fabric Sofas

Still on the fence? Consider the benefits of fabric sofas to see if they better fit you and your family. 


For many, fabric sofas are more comfortable. Fabric generally has a softer feel, and the sofa will feel warmer. Leather can feel cold in cooler months, and it can make you sweaty and sticky in the summer. Just be sure to opt for a quality fabric that will be able to withstand lots of use. 

Source: CR Laine


When considering kids and pets, a fabric sofa doesn’t tend to get ripped as much as a leather sofa. This durability towards things like nails and toys makes it more appealing for families. However, as mentioned above, it will require more regular deep cleaning to reduce the pet dander and dust in a home. 

The stain-resistant coating on many new fabric sofas makes them easier to clean and maintain. 

More variety

Unlike leather, fabric sofas can come in a wider variety of colours and patterns. It’s easier to find a fabric sofa that matches your design style and colour palette because of this flexibility and variety. 

Source: Bernhardt


Be sure to look for quality fabrics that will stand up to the use you expect of them in your household. Overall, fabric sofas tend to have a lower price tag than leather. However, if you notice a drastically different price point, the quality of the fabric will likely be sub-par and will end up worn through or damaged in no time flat. 

What’s better: leather or fabric sofas?

There is no correct answer to this question – nor is there a right answer to pineapple on pizza despite what some may say. It’s important to consider the overall design of your home and your unique needs when choosing a sofa that is right for you. If you’re having a hard time finding the perfect sofa for your home, our team of interior designers can help. Our custom design process makes it possible for you to choose the ideal material for your needs, be it leather or fabric. Get in touch today or come into the showroom downtown Victoria on Yates to learn more.