Lighting 101: How to Create Different Moods in the Bedroom

When it comes to the bedroom, setting the right mood is a significant requirement for rest, relaxation — and even romance. Proper lighting can have a significant effect on any space, but it’s especially important in a bedroom.

Do you want your bedroom to be a restful space, a source of energy, the home of romance, an oasis of productivity, or a combination of a few things? Whatever your goal, good lighting is a mandatory part of any of the activities in a bedroom.

So, how do you set the right mood in a bedroom? These are our top 5 tips on creating the right atmosphere in your bedroom with the right lights:

1. Match the size and style to your overall interior design style.

In any room of your house, you’re taking the time to plan out colour schemes, textures, fabric options, shapes and sizes of each piece and how they all work together. Don’t forget to factor the size and shape of your lighting fixtures into your home decor vision.

Lights are not there to simply cast light; they should be an integral part of the design as well. Make sure you don’t leave lighting styles out of your overall design plan. You could end up with a beautiful mid-century modern room with bland contemporary lighting fixtures that feel out of place. 

2. Play with placement & levels.

Have you ever looked at a bedroom with a low hanging chandelier? Perhaps you know someone who’s hung pendant lights on either side of their bed instead of using bedside table lamps. Play around with levels and placement of lights.

Having a sizable central light with other lighting fixtures scattered around the room at varying levels can create a more versatile space for any mood. 

3. Consider the colour & hue of the light.

Colour can have a significant impact on mood. Lighting, of course, comes in more than simple soft yellow hues and bright white lights. You could play around with blue or red accent lights in alcoves or under headboards and shelves. The colour and tone of lights will have a drastic impact on the mood lighting of any space.

4. Don’t forget the purpose of the space & how lighting can help.

Chances are your bedroom is going to need to offer up a variety of moods. It’ll be a place to relax and rejuvenate, a space for romance, and an area for cozy movie nights. Some bedrooms even double as office spaces for those that work from home, and they’ll need to be brightly lit for productivity. 

The last thing you want is to light your bedroom for relaxing nights and then be limited to that single lighting option when trying to use your bedroom as an office. Consider all the purposes of the space and the lighting requirements of each activity. 

5. How bright do you need your lights?

The best way to get the perfect mood lighting in any space is dimmers.

Dimmer switches and dimmer-compatible lighting is an excellent way to have a bright and cheery room throughout the day and a shadowed space for a cozy movie night with that special someone. Dimmers make a space versatile. 

With all of these helpful tips in mind, are you ready to pick the perfect mood lighting to create a restful space in your bedroom? 

Excellent home decor means planning. Our team is here to help you find the perfect lighting to shine a spotlight on any room while adding to the overall mood and interior design of any room — especially the bedroom. Get in touch today or come into our showroom to speak to one of our expert team members.