Living it UP

Need help making the most of your condo or small living space?  Check out our top 3 tips for living it UP. 

Photo credit: Fourhands Furniture

Three tips to make the most of small spaces and condo living

You love your home but feel challenged to make all of your furniture and belongings fit.  Here are some quick tips to maximize functionality and style!


1. Furniture with Built-in Storage

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Photo credit: Natuzzi Italia

Multi-functional furniture is a must, as storage can be challenging in small living spaces.  The beautiful Fenice bed, by Natuzzi Italia, offers a large storage space beneath the mattress to store extra linens and bedding (or even heavy winter clothing) while still having a smooth, stylish design.


2. Bar Stools for Dining and Entertaining

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Photo credit: Trica Furniture

Most newer condos and townhomes have some kind of counter top eating area.   Barstools are essential multipurpose seating for quiet dining or casual entertaining.  If your goal is to keep your views unobstructed from the kitchen, look for sleek, low profile stools, which can be easily tucked away.  


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Photo credit: Trica Furniture

If your goal is to use this space as your main eating area, opt for stools with a back for more comfortable dining.


3. Live Large with Small Pieces

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Photo credit: Trica Furniture

Last but not least, small-scale furniture allows you to live large and enjoy your view! Live it up with multifunctional pieces that won’t cramp your style. Instead of having one large coffee table, try layering two or three smaller tables. This creates a lighter and more functional space as you can quickly and easily move the tables around for different occasions.

Still need some help finding the right pieces for your home?  Our design team at Luxe Home Interiors are excellent at working with any space, big or small, to make it functional, beautiful and uniquely yours.