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Mixing Metals: Adding Brass Into Your Home



Mixing metals in interior design can add warmth, texture, and colour to any space if done well — and one metal we saw a lot of at High Point Furniture Market last year was brass. It’s a beautiful metal that adds style to any space, and we’re excited to see how everyone will incorporate brass into their homes this year. 

It may seem difficult balancing metals with the rest of your decor, so here are a few tips on how to bring brass into any space. 




Consider the theme of the room and the design aesthetic you’re going for. Brass can come in many shades and finishes. Shiny, luxurious brass may not blend well with a cabin-inspired design, but a darker, warmer, more matte brass will blend in well with a rustic style design. 


Colour & Hue



The colour and hue of a room and metal should co-exist. Brass tends to be warmer on the spectrum and thus pairs better with warmer hues like white, beige, brown, jewel-toned colours and toupes. You can mix cool-toned hues with warmer metals like brass, just be aware that this design can be a bit more finicky. Mixing and matching is always fun in design so long as it is intentional. 




When playing with brass furniture and design, it is essential to remember that metal decor has texture. Metallic decor can come in matte, polished, and hammered finishes, to name a few. These finishes can have a dramatic effect on the overall feel of a space. 

Consider natural textures when mixing with brass decor. Brass is a natural metal that pairs well with other natural accents like wool, wood, and plants. 


Be Creative



Brass is a versatile metal, so when you’re using it in interior design, have fun with it. Metallic decor can be found in many things, from brass furniture to artwork, embroidery to wallpaper. 


Start Small


When playing with any new home decor technique, the best place to start is with small decorative accents. Consider a metallic lamp, frame, or side table before you buy a new dining room table with brass legs. 

Interior design is an excellent outlet to let your creativity shine, and you can really allow your imagination to run wild when you use metal decor. The most important thing to remember when it comes to any new design technique is to plan first. Consider other designs you love and want to emulate. What is it about them you love? When you have a clear idea of what you’re trying to accomplish, it’s a lot easier to find the decorative pieces and furniture you need to achieve your vision. 


We’re going to be seeing a lot of brass in homes this year — make sure yours doesn’t miss out on this stylish trend. Book an appointment to visit our showroom and see what we’ve been dreaming up with brass. Talk to our design team to get a few ideas of how you can incorporate brass decor into your home this year.