Picking the Right Wardrobe For your Bedroom

Choosing a new wardrobe may seem tedious, but it’s essential for any bedroom—where to store all your clothes! We understand, shopping for clothes can be a lot more fun. Finding the right wardrobe can be daunting, especially one that matches your decor and room size while providing enough storage for all your clothing.

These tips will help you find the perfect wardrobe for your dream bedroom

Style & Type

Source: Trica Website

Picking a wardrobe means finding one that matches your design style. You don’t want to find a vintage refurbished piece and then pair it with a more modern beach house vibe — unless you do that intentionally. 

The other factor to consider is the type of wardrobe you need. Are you looking for something with drawers, or is your wardrobe acting as a closet and do you require something more like an armoire? These are all crucial questions and will depend on what kind of storage solutions you need. 


Source: Bernhardt website

The kind of material, or finish, will play a significant role in your decision. The material of your wardrobe will play a big part in its overall look and design, as well as the care and maintenance required. Natural materials can become discoloured if they are placed in direct sunlight. Some materials require special cleaners, such as brass. Take this into consideration when deciding what you need.

Size & Shape

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The ultimate deciding factor when choosing a wardrobe is the size and shape. If you have a small room with high ceilings, a tall armoire or a tallboy style wardrobe will work best. For larger master bedrooms, you may want something longer that you could mount a TV or hang wall art above. Ensure you know the room’s dimensions and the size of the space you plan to place the wardrobe.

Finding the perfect wardrobe sometimes means customizing furniture. Our team of experienced designers are here to help you customize the perfect furniture solution for your home. Our custom design services are complimentary because we want you to have the perfect wardrobe for your home. Come into the showroom or contact us today.