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Should You Buy Custom-Made or Vintage Furniture?

When choosing furniture for your home, you may be considering shopping for vintage furniture. There are many benefits to vintage furnishings that make them increasingly popular. It’s no contest when we compare vintage furniture to bulk Ikea items. However, when you compare vintage furniture to quality custom furniture, it’s harder to decide which is better. 

Here are a few things to consider when deciding between vintage and custom furniture for your home. 


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It seems like many of the new items available to us in stores break down within just a few years while old appliances are still going strong. It’s true — they don’t make things like they used to. Many people think this applies to furniture as well, and in some ways, it does. Vintage furniture is considered superior craftsmanship compared to some newer options — especially the furniture that comes in a box that you assemble yourself at home. 

However, when comparing the quality of custom furniture and vintage furniture, we see that both are well built and of superior materials. The trick is that the custom furniture needs to be from a quality furniture manufacturer with experience who uses materials that can stand the test of time. 


Source: Bernhardt

Many homeowners and interior designers will choose vintage furniture because of its character and style. However, custom furniture can have the same vintage charm. By its very nature, it’s custom. Suppose the look you’re trying to achieve is one of the ages gone by. In that case, many modern furniture manufacturers can provide quality vintage esthetics to match any interior design style. 

The benefit to custom furniture is that you’re not limited to what’s available. You can create and customize based on your needs and style. When you shop vintage, you can refurbish and paint, but you’re still limited to what’s available. This may be beneficial if you want your furniture to be unique and trend-proof. However, the limited supply of vintage furniture can make it impossible to find the perfect piece for your home. Not everyone can wait years to find the ideal cabinet or vintage sofa.

Care and Maintenance needs

Older materials can require more specific care. Some vintage furniture needs to be revarnished or cleaned with particular cleaners. Otherwise, the paint and varnish can be damaged. The age of the furniture makes it a bit more specific in its care needs. Older furniture may also be more prone to damage based on wear and tear over time as the hardiness of the wood or materials breaks down.

Newer materials that many high-quality furniture makers use nowadays require less care and come with warranties in many cases as well.

Environmental impact

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A significant benefit to vintage furniture is its green and sustainable nature. Because you’re buying an item that has likely already had a long life, you’re cutting down on things that may otherwise have gone to the landfill.

Vintage furniture isn’t the only green option in the home décor world. Custom furniture from many brands is considered sustainable and ethical. Many Canadian manufacturers source their materials with sustainability and environmental impact in mind. In addition, shopping for Canadian furniture brands means a reduced carbon footprint as many materials are not having to travel long distances from all over the world.

Sentimental value

One area where vintage furniture wins out is sentimentality. If you’re inheriting vintage furniture from a relative, there is no other way to find this history in a custom furniture piece. However, if you’re moving in with a partner or purchasing your first home, creating a custom piece of furniture together could be just as meaningful.  

Ready to choose?

Shopping vintage may sound romantic and enticing, and it can be great for some items. However, we urge you to consider ordering quality custom furniture for your home as the benefits far outweigh the benefits of vintage. A great compromise is choosing custom for the crucial items in your home, such as sofas and media consoles. Then, if you find a stunning vintage hall table or side table, you can add that in for some character and depth in the space. For help designing and decorating your dream home, our team of interior designers is here to help. Our complimentary design process and the ability to create custom furniture mean you don’t have to wait to find the perfect pieces for your home. Get in touch with us today.