Luxe Victoria Stories

The Stories Our Home Furnishing Brands Tell

We are lucky enough to carry many brands in our showroom that are an absolute dream to work with. These companies are committed to offering unique and luxury designs that can transform any home. When we think about home decor and interior design, we have to consider the stories we can tell and how much customization is available to us. This is how we like to think about our brands: what stories can they help us tell? 

What do we mean by “story”?

Our homes are not merely structures; they are the settings where our memories are created, and our life stories unfold. Every piece of furniture, every ray of light, and every accent tells a tale. At Luxe, we curate a collection of brands that offer more than just products; they offer narratives waiting to be woven into the fabric of your home. These brands are categorized as good, better, and best stories, not as a measure of quality but as a reflection of the depth and richness of the stories they can help you tell.


Good Stories

What makes a good story in furniture? Decor-Rest and Van Gogh Designs are two Canadian brands that excel in this regard. They offer quality craftsmanship and timeless designs that provide comfort and style to any home.

Better Stories

In the realm of better stories, Younger Furniture from the US and Uttermost stand out. Younger Furniture brings modern aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship, while Uttermost offers a diverse selection of unique pieces that add character and personality to your space. 

Best Stories

For our best stories in furniture, look no further than Trica, CR Laine, Phillips Collection, and Bernhardt. These brands represent luxury, innovation, and trendsetting designs that elevate your home decor to new heights. If you want to have the most flexibility with customization, these are the brands you want. The pricepoint will reflect the breadth of customization available but these brands are offering luxury and inspiration we can’t put a number on. 

Source: Phillips collection 


Good Stories

When it comes to lighting, what constitutes a good story? When it comes to lighting, Pacific Coast Lighting truly stands out. Their designs are all about quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each lamp is carefully made with a focus on the little things that matter, resulting in pieces that not only light up a room but also add a special touch to any space.

Better Stories

Moving up to better stories, Uttermost continues to shine with its distinctive designs that add sophistication and flair to any space. 

Best Stories

For the best stories in lighting, Currey and Company, Hubbardton Forge, and Regina Andrews steal the spotlight. Currey and Company has become a staple with our design team as we use their imagery for inspiration, and we absolutely adore the exquisite chandeliers. These brands are stealing so many spotlights thanks to their artisanal fixtures.

Source: Currey and Company

Art, Accessories, and Area Rugs

Good Stories

In the realm of art, accessories, and area rugs, what makes a story good, better, or best? Many brands in this category offer versatile and unique pieces that can be considered good, better, or best story items.  Jaunty area rugs and Leftbank Art fall into the good stories category, however, they also provide numerous items that we would classify as better and best stories. We love these two brands thanks to their quality craftsmanship and diverse range of designs.

Better Stories

Stepping up to better stories, Fourhands, Harp and Finial, and Zodax provide eye-catching designs and quality craftsmanship that elevate your home decor. 

Best Stories

For the best stories, Phillips Collection and Surya (who just purchased Global Views) take center stage. With their high-quality rugs and accessories, these brands bring timeless elegance and sophistication to any space.

Source: Global Views

Local Stories You Need To Hear

At Luxe, we’re committed to supporting local artists and designers, showcasing stunning West Coast-inspired decor and accessories alongside our ongoing selection of brands. These unique pieces are what truly make a home, and they often cannot be classified as good, better, or best because of their unique and local nature. Visit our showroom or get in touch to discover the perfect pieces to tell your unique story and transform your house into a home.