area rug

The Transformative Nature of an Area Rug

There’s a single item in home decor that’s often overlooked, and it’s easy to forget about because it’s literally kept underfoot. The item we’re referring to is an area rug. Just as a magic carpet can transform a film into an adventure, an area rug can turn an average room in a home into an oasis.

What should you consider when looking for the perfect area rug?

Pattern & Colours

An area rug can pull an entire room together. Consider the patterns and colours in a space, and find a way to pull other aspects of a room together through an area rug. If you have a particular accent wall colour and numerous throw pillows, an area rug with a similar colour combination can unite all the other pieces of a room. 

Size & Shape

How large is the room you’re considering the area rug for? In living spaces and bedrooms, large area rugs often make the most sense as you use large portions of those rooms. Having a small area rug just under the coffee table may make the room look awkward. On the other hand, a smaller area rug under an office desk or a breakfast table can keep your toes warm without taking over the entire space.

Material & Texture

When it comes to choosing an area rug, you have to consider one key thing: the care and maintenance involved. This is an essential part of home decor. You’ll ultimately be living in the space, so you must consider the purpose of the piece as well as your lifestyle. If you have dogs or young children, a fluffy, white area rug may not be the best choice. If you live in a small loft-style apartment with an indoor cat, a fluffy white area rug may be perfect thanks to its cloud-like comfort and texture.  


Ultimately, an area rug needs to complement your style and the mood you’re trying to accomplish for the entire room. Shape, size, colour, pattern, and material must all be considered when it comes to an area rug. The style you choose for an area rug depends on the rest of your home decor. Trying to mix a modern area rug with vintage furniture may make the room feel at odds.

Home decor can involve many moving pieces. An area rug can help ground a room and pull some of these moving pieces together. However, decorating the perfect space isn’t as simple as finding the ideal area rug. Sometimes, an area rug that looks beautiful in-store clashes once you get it home. That’s why we love having a showroom. You can truly see how specific patterns, colours, and materials work with other textures, fabrics, and furnishings. A quality area rug is a significant investment and can change the entire look and feel of your space. Come into the showroom today to speak with someone on our team and see a few area rug samples from quality brands. Our designers can help you find the perfect area rug for your home decor dreams to come true.