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Using Geometric Shapes to Create a Unique Space

We all remember learning about geometry in grade school. We learned about different shapes, their proper names, parallel lines, and angles. When it comes to the real world, geometry is an aspect of mathematics we all use every day without even realizing it — such as in our home décor. In fact, curved furniture and interesting geometric shapes are among the major trends we’re seeing in interior design in 2021.

When we look at architecture, art, and interior design, we know how much we use geometry and our knowledge of geometric shapes. When using creative and unique shapes in your home decor, some things work, and other things just won’t fit — like a square peg fitting into a triangular hole in a children’s toy.

Here are the best ways to play with shape in interior decor this year:

Scale & Colour

Source: CR laine website

Play with patterns in some of your decorative accent pieces. This can be an easy way to bring in an element of geometry without committing to a round sofa right out of the gate. If you do want to go big, it’s crucial to consider the scale of the space. If you have a small space, some geometric patterns or shapes can make it feel even smaller. The smaller the shape’s scale, the more it will feel more like a texture or a pattern than an overwhelming focus. 

Function & Flow

Source: Fourhands website

When we think about curved sofas or octagonal coffee tables, we have to consider the flow and function of a room. If you try to fit a curved sofa into a long narrow space, you’re unnecessarily eating up crucial floor space needed for maneuvering around. Consider what your intention is behind playing with large-scale geometric shapes and if they even work with the geometry of the space you’re decorating.

Levels & Lighting

Source: CR laine website

Don’t forget about playing with geometry at every level of a room. A geometric pattern on an area rug can add vibrancy without eating up valuable square footage. Lighting fixtures can also add exciting and eye-catching angles that will provide more intrigue in any space. Consider geometric wall art or even wallpaper to add an element of luxury and playfulness to your home. 

Playing with patterns, geometry, and curved furniture can be both fun and overwhelming at the same time. If you want to pay with shape but want to avoid having a home that looks like a mismatched dollhouse, speaking with an interior design expert can help. Our team at LUXE is here to work with you to design the perfect space and find the ideal furniture for your style and needs. Get in touch with us today.