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Vintage with a Twist: Revisiting Mid-Century Modern

When we think of minimalist interior design and clean lines, there’s actually a name for this mid-century inspired furniture and decor. Mid-century modern (MCM) has become a trendy home decor aesthetic thanks to the use of colour, texture, and simple shapes and features. 

Many would say that mid-century modern is a growing trend in home decor; we’d like to argue it’s a look that never really went out of style. It merely evolved. 

What Is Mid-Century Modern?

The mid-century refers to the period from around 1933 to 1965, with the golden age falling between 1947 and 1957. 

Mid-century modern is an interior design and home decor aesthetic inspired by the looks of these eras. This look takes vintage furniture inspired looks and adds a modern twist. 

The inspiration behind this is based on the Industrial Revolution, when we saw more prosperity after World War I and the mass production of products. This design aesthetic is also when we begin to see a mix of materials from wood to brass and corduroy to plastic.

Picture a simple couch in a deep soothing olive green. Now imagine exposed oak legs in a tapered column-like shape. This is a mid-century inspired look we’re all familiar with. 

Source: Fourhands website

How to Design with Mid-Century Modern Furniture

With most design looks from the past, you have to be careful not to make it look like a home frozen in time. Mid-century homes can seem a little too retro if you don’t add in the modern twist. 

These are the best ways to add in a mid-century feel with vintage furniture while still having a modern element that keeps your home in the 21st century. 

1. Play with colour

Source: Precedent furniture Instagram

The great thing about mid-century modern furniture is that it uses fantastic pops of colour. You’ll see rich olives and dark oranges as well as pastel pinks and sea blue. Be purposeful when playing with colours. Try using mid-century furniture to bring out the colour of a modern painting or wallpaper with a well-placed accent chair.

2. Play with pattern & texture

Some people find the mid-century aesthetic a little sterile thanks to its minimalist design. To avoid this, add in some texture or an area rug. This is why we call it mid-century modern: that modern element or pattern. These contemporary touches bring a bit more personality to the space to avoid feeling like a staged home from a ’60s TV set. 

3. Pair with nature

Source: Global Views Website

The minimalist aesthetic of MCM furniture works exceptionally well with natural elements. Combine it with stone decor, plants, and beautiful landscape prints to complement the vintage furniture style. 

Mid-Century Modern Is Fantastic for Many Reasons:

  • It mixes well with other design trends.
  • It knows excellent colour combinations.
  • The minimalist look offers a lot of room for personal flair and style.
  • The timeless construction of vintage furniture makes it an excellent long-term investment.

Bringing in the best of yesterday and today into your home with mid-century modern interior design won’t go out of style. This home decor trend will continue to evolve to accommodate the “modern” side of the MCM look.

Interested in playing with mid-century furniture or vintage furniture in your home but aren’t sure how to do it without your home looking dated? Our team can help. Get in touch today and come by our showroom to learn more and see examples.