Wallpaper: Yay or nay?

Just as fashion trends have moments in the spotlight and moments in the rubbish bin, so too do interior design trends. Wallpaper is one of those design elements that comes and goes. When it comes to wallpaper, should it stick around, or should we say goodbye for good?

The answer to this question is a bit more complex than a simple yes or no. We personally love wallpaper at Luxe. However, as with any interior design, you must be intentional when using it in interior design.

Wallpaper can be a controversial topic for many homeowners. We’ll be honest; it’s a PAIN to get rid of if you ever want to change your home. However, the technology behind most wallpapers has come a long way, and when you pick a quality paper, it can stand the test of time.

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself before using wallpaper in your home:

Is wallpaper the “leading lady” or the “best supporting actor” of the design?

Before you start anything, consider the overall look of the space. Do you have muted furniture and want to liven your home with wallpaper that will put your personality on display? Or would you’d prefer a more muted colour or pattern to add a bit of texture to the room. You don’t need to use bold and loud patterns when decorating with wallpaper. 

Source: Bernhardt

Is the paper going to act like a piece of art?

You don’t need to paper an entire room. Wallpaper is great because it can act as a background or art on display. Feature walls are an excellent way to play with a space and draw the eye in a specific manner. Dining rooms and offices are wonderful places to use wallpaper as a feature wall to balance the often sparse furniture in the room.  

What scale and size does the pattern need to be?

Wallpaper comes in various patterns, shapes, sizes, materials, colours, and textures. Some wallpapers end up looking like stunning murals more than a repetitive pattern. Considering the scale of a design is crucial when picking a wallpaper. A good rule of thumb is choosing a smaller print for a smaller room and a larger print for a larger room. This rule is less important if the pattern is muted in colour and texture. However, a smaller design in a large space can feel garish and overwhelming. 

How can I use wallpaper unconventionally?

You don’t just have to use wallpaper in a traditional sense. Many furniture designers and furniture refurbishing companies are using them creatively inside the drawers of wardrobes or desks. Another excellent idea is using wallpaper to make a reading nook feel separate from the rest of a space, creating a sophisticated corner for a home bar, or framing the headboard of your bed in the main bedroom. 

Source: Bernhardt

There are many ways to use wallpaper in interior design, and they can add luxury and intrigue to any space if chosen wisely. Modern wallpapers are of a higher quality and often have vinyl on one side, making them easy to care for and maintain. In addition, new materials such as cork, silk, and ratton are being used to create sustainable wallpapers that give the illusion of texture. 

If you’re wondering if this is the right fit for your home, our team of interior designers can help. Thanks to our complimentary design services, you can get quality insight without a terrifying interior design invoice. Get in touch today