Dining room trends

2022 Dining Room Decor Trends

Perhaps your dining room is a space for friends to join you for dinner, or it’s a space to spend an hour as a family. One thing is for sure: We could all use more face-to-face time without the distraction of our devices and busy schedules — and the dining room is the perfect place for that. 

The dining room is a space where people go to connect and find nourishment, both through food and through conversation. Design the perfect dining room in your home to connect with the ones you love more using these decorating tips. 

Textured materials

A major current trend in dining room decor is textured furniture. Leather and cord dining chairs, stone accents, and wooden bench seats are all the rage. Art with exciting texture for the walls is also a must in a dining space. 

Source: Four Hands

Colours are for more than plates

Playing with a pop of colour isn’t just a technique used by top chefs on plates. Homeowners and designers are also finding creative ways to play with colour in dining rooms. White is still a prevalent choice for a dining room. However, just as colourful food pops best on white plates, a splash of colour in a white space is the perfect design trend for a dining room. 

Source: Trica

Let in some light

Lighting is a significant part of a good dining room. Restaurants know this, and they understand the importance of a dimming switch. Dim lighting makes diners feel more relaxed, so they eat slower and enjoy themselves more. 

Soft mood lighting is ideal for a dining room. We recommend a few smaller fixtures around the room and one statement piece above the table to unite everyone and set the stage. 

Source: Four Hands

Area rugs underneath

Area rugs under dining tables add an element of class and sophistication as well as warmth. No one likes having cold feet at dinner, and an area rug can help keep things cosy at the table so you can stay and enjoy each other’s company for longer. 

It used to be thought of as a faux pas to have an area rug under a dining table since you’d be vacuuming after every meal. What we want to say to that is, who were your dinner guests — cavemen? Yes, you’ll need to clean an area rug, but you shouldn’t have to do it any more than your usual cleaning schedule. 

Source: Four Hands

The table is stealing the show

Round tables are making a big comeback this year. Dining room spaces are smaller or are being used for dual purposes. A round table offers a lot of room for guests while taking up less floor space, making it perfect for a smaller room. 

Another table trend is natural materials. Large wooden farm tables are all the rage, as well as other natural materials such as stone. The wooden tables of our childhood may be gone, but wood is here to stay. 

Source: Bernhardt

Casual dining rooms are taking over

The splendid dining rooms of old British homes are a thing of the past. Dining rooms are becoming more casual and approachable, making them more likely to be used frequently. In some homes, the dining room is tucked into the kitchen close to a window. These little breakfast nooks are perfect for a smaller home, and they can still be used for dinners with friends. After all, most people end up talking in the kitchen anyway. 

Source: Bernhardt

Are you ready to host a dinner party, but your dining room could use some sprucing?

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