Canadian-made sofa

Is Canadian-Made Custom Furniture Right For You?

There are many benefits to buying Canadian-Made products: 

  1. It supports the Canadian economy.
  2. Canadians’ health and safety standards are higher. 
  3. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s not all about the greater community. Canadian-made custom furniture benefits you and your home as well. The process, materials, and quality of Canadian-made products mean elevating your style and purchasing furnishings you can feel good about.  

High-Quality Craftsmanship and materials!

Canadians are crafty people. Purchasing within Canada may have a higher price tag, but that’s because you know that knowledgeable and passionate furniture makers are building your piece to stand the test of time. You also get access to more materials and choices. 

It’s not just the craftsmanship that is superior when we look at Canadian-made furniture. The materials are often sourced within Canada. Canadian wood is high quality and excellent for crafting furniture. Unlike mass-produced furniture, custom-made furniture is built with more care and thus more durable. 

Source: Decor-Rest

Experience excellent customer service.

There can be some long lead times in the furniture industry. Ordering within Canada can mean shorter wait times and more contact with the manufacturer to combat these longer timeframes. In addition, Canadians are known as kind and caring people. The polite nature of Canadians makes for some great customer service standards. 

You want to be able to discuss things in detail and make sure everyone is on the same page when ordering custom furniture. You also want to know that if something isn’t quite right when it arrives, the manufacturer and local store have your desires and vision in mind and will resolve it. 

Source: Trica

You can design your perfect solution.

Nothing is better than finding the perfect item in a store, as if it was made for you. However, it’s hard to do. The ability to customize furniture within Canada means you get quality craftsmanship and materials built precisely how you need them. Having furniture to meet your home’s specific needs means you use the space more efficiently and have the most floor space while still displaying your personality. When we get into materials and fabrics, the ability to customize is crucial. Not all finishes are functional for families or homes with pets. Custom Canadian-made furniture means flawlessly matching your style and needs. 

Source: Nuevo

It feels good!

Buying Canadian-made custom furniture has sustainability and morality built right in. We briefly touched on this above. Ordering custom furniture means less transportation because it’s coming from within Canada. You can feel good about supporting Canadian businesses, positively impacting the economy, and keeping people employed. 

Canada has stricter safety and labour standards, meaning the workers are treated well. When you order custom furniture, it’s not an item that will potentially sit in a showroom, costing a local store to maintain and care for. You know what you want, the manufacturer can build this exact piece, and it goes right into your home! Custom orders are great for the furniture makers, the local stores that work with the manufacturers, and the customers as it involves less transportation and potential damage. 

If supporting local Canadian businesses and manufacturers is important to you, we work with numerous Canadian artists, brands, and craftspeople to provide high-quality furniture and art. Shop some of our Canadian brands today and get in touch to learn more about our complimentary custom design process.