pet friendly home decor tips

How to Decorate A Home With Pets

It can feel like you have to sacrifice style if you have pets. The eternal shedding and risk of torn cushions or chew marks on the rug are enough to leave any homeowner defaulting to sub-par furniture or uncomfortable industrial-strength fabrics. Luckily, there are high-quality home furnishings that look great and can be the perfect pairing for pets. 

Your home can be pet-friendly and glamorous if you know how to decorate for pets. Here are our tips for interior design in a house with pets.

Where should you store your pet’s necessities?

Storing pet supplies and food can be a challenge. Luckily, there are numerous options available. Just like you have a pantry to tuck away all those unsightly dry goods, a closet can be an excellent option for keeping pet supplies out of sight. A stunning cabinet with closing drawers is an even more elegant way to tuck away food bins and supplies. These cabinets are perfect as they provide different levels so your cat’s dishes can be kept up high. 

Consider their size and mani/pedi needs.

Your pet’s size and nails are significant factors to remember when designing your home. A large dog can do some severe damage to hardwood floors when they’re walking around. Luckily, larger-breed dogs are often low energy and are content to lay around most of the time. Choosing a quality-made area rug can protect wooden floors, reduce aminal noise, and provide a cozy surface for older dogs.

Plus side: area rugs look great!

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Dogs are a lot better at learning an established routine. If Fido isn’t allowed to sleep on the sofa or the bed, he’ll learn this rule and adjust to only using the dog bed. 

Cats can be a bit trickier, but there’s still hope. Find a fabric or a blanket your feline friend likes and place it on the spots where lounging and sleeping are preferred. If you’re trying to protect a sofa, place a comfortable cat bed nearby and make the sofa undesirable for a while.

Alternatively, design a specific space for your pet to enjoy when you’re not home or asleep. Consider creating a cozy space for pets if you have a large laundry room. Many dogs like having an established area that is their own, and cats enjoy routine. Decorating a specific room for your pet not only saves your furniture but provides peace of mind while you’re running errands. 

Choose fabrics and materials designed for pets.

Fabrics designed for pet-friendly households aren’t all rigid, bland, and boring. Many pet-friendly fabrics are luxurious and come in fun patterns and colours. These materials were designed to be hardy enough to withstand little claws and the extra cleaning and care required to keep a pet-friendly home beautiful. 

Many high-quality furniture brands will have fabric options that are resistant to spills and durable enough for any home with pets. These fabrics will also leave your home feeling like the stylish oasis of your dreams.

Get down to your pet’s level. 

If your pet has a tail, you need to consider the damage it can do. We love being greeted by our happy pets when we come home, but a dangerously placed vase could end up caught in the line of fire. When staging shelves or coffee tables, consider the height of your pet and if there are any risks to tail swats or snarky cat behaviour. 

They say, “home is where the heart is.” If you’re a pet owner, your furry friend has a special place in your heart. It makes sense that they should be considered while you design your home. You can still have a stunning home that could be featured in photos, even if you have a cat or a dog (or two). The trick is knowing how to design a space while accommodating your pet’s needs. 

Need Help?

If you need help finding the balance between practical pet needs and stunning interior decor, our interior designers are here to help. Our complimentary interior design services mean you have all the professional help you could need to design your dream custom sofa or choose the right decorative touches. Get in touch or come into the showroom today to get started.